Thursday, September 24, 2009

Best laid plans

Thank goodness the classes on Jessica Sprague's site are available forever, and don't expire like some of the others do. This is the first lesson in Digi in Deep, the most advanced digital scrapbooking class. I've enjoyed doing it. Now that I've upped the RAM in my MacBook, I'll do more. She has added another class which I may sign up for. It focuses on working with text. I'm so much more comfortable with the text tool now, thanks to her classes. I should do more though, it's one thing to follow a video, another to do it all myself.

This week hasn't panned out quite like I wanted it to. The kids at the golf clinic has been a big plus for the week. They've just been so excited. I picked up Billy-Joe at lunch time today, because he had a bad headache. I left the other two there. When I went to pick them up, the Pro, Mark told me that the kids had played 18 holes, then 9 holes and had gone out AGAIN!!! He said the kids are so keen, he can't stop them. They were disappointed that I'd picked them up earlier than normal.

I'd done some groceries in the morning and was on the phone to Apple for an hour still trying to resolve my dropout issues. It could be a modem issue, so we've changed some settings. I've had no further problems today, but time will tell. I had a pedicure in the morning so am sporting nice pink toe nails. I laid down for a bit in the late afternoon, I'd had a headache all day.

Dinner was simple, a Woolies chook and I made a delicious greek salad. I splurged today and bought Greek Feta instead of Australian Feta and now I understand the more than double price tag. The Greek Feta is so creamy and crumbles beautifully through the salad. Love the salty combination of fetta, olives and the freshness of salad topped with a good quality olive oil.

My dear Bunny is finishing work early tomorrow and taking me out to lunch. We are going to Eumundi to eat at a pub there. I'm shop sitting tomorrow night. Am looking forward to seeing Karen. The weeks go by so quickly, but I miss her when I haven't seen her all week. Thank goodness for iChat. Barbi is away having a well deserved holiday. I pray that the weather has improved. The dust storm would have spoiled her last couple of days too. Today was clear and the air was fresh.

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Chris H said...

OOOO We love Feta too.. I must try the Greek stuff too then!
Have a wonderful weekend chick.


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