Thursday, July 09, 2009

A busy week

It's been a lovely week, in sharp contrast to the quiet and slow pace of last week. The contrast has shown in the weather too. Lovely last week, crappy this week.

On Saturday I was quite tired. I 'shopsat' for Barbi while she was away at her niece's 21st for the weekend. The night was travelling along nicely until the lowlife living next door came to give us grief. Apparently he'd approached Barbi one Saturday morning about the late hour that all the ladies were leaving and that it was quite noisy. Fair call! Some ladies start their 4WD and don't get in straight away, some stand out there chatting and then yell out 'bye' whether it's 10pm or after midnight that's not acceptable. Barbi apologized and every Friday night she makes an announcement asking people to be considerate of them. Barbi even offered to buy them blinds so that the car lights don't shine into the house. He has young kids and was saying they wake up with the noise. He declined the offer of blinds and seemed mollified when he could see that Barbi was genuinely concerned. No issues since. Until last Friday night. He came over (drunk) and started abusing the other girl who looks after the store with me. He was swearing and carrying on. We had to escort ladies to the toilet and then locked up the shop with the roller door down. We ended up calling the police as he even got right up into the face of one of the husbands who was coming to collect his pregnant wife!!! My friends, drove past the police station, which was unmanned but the guy from next door followed them (on his pushbike) and saw them......and came back and gave Shelly some more lip!! I told her to call the police. They came and were fabulous. They had a word to the guy next door, and his wife, who had also come out to put her two bobs worth in. Apparently he was concillatory and the police were happy that he wouldnt' bother us again. I'm glad I didn't shut up the store, even though it was suggested. I wasnt going to let him 'win'. It put a dampener on our night,but I'm glad we kept on going. I was sorry that this happened while Barbi was away, but in hindsight, at least she didn't have to deal with it, or cop the earful from the neighbour............

I digress, so I was tired from a late night on Friday night and I had things to cook for Mickey's birthday. His birthday was good fun. See my previous post.

On Monday we headed out to Wappa Dam to have a BBQ. I'm so glad we chose that day, because the weather has been pretty cruddy ever since. We had a great day. The boys had a ball playing in the park, playing footy and they went for a walk too. I just sat around all day. We had sausages, chops, salad and coffee and cake for later on. The next day I caught up on my jobs and just chilled out with my MacBook in the afternoon. That night I went and saw The Hangover with my girlfriend, her daughter and her friends. It was a bit rushed, with getting something to eat and organizing tickets which wasn't straight forward, and we had to sit in the first row. My neck has been really playing up, so this was extremely uncomfortable. Fortunately Lis found some seats further up, so we moved and that was soooo much better. The film was hilarious. Very rude and crude, but a good laugh. I wish I could afford to go to the movies all the time. I could easily go every week. I love it. I think I'll stay away in the school holidays though.

Wednesday I had organized to meet Laureen and Geoff at a park in Caloundra. Unfortunately the weather was blowy and cold. We spent three and a half hours sitting in McDonalds instead. Not ideal, but the only place where we could sit for that long with my kids being happy. On the way home I bought soup vegies and put on a big pot of chicken soup for dinner that night. It was lovely catching up with Laureen and Geoff. Hard to believe we've been friends for nearly 30 years!!!! Even though we've not seen much of each other in the last 22 years or so, we just pick up where we've left off and the time just melts away. I think I've changed much more in personality than she has. She's still exactly the same. Same likes and dislikes with food even.

Today I got up late, and tidied the house and did some washing. Those fairies never do it for me when I'm out for the day...... I had to go out and get a few groceries and then go to the fruit market. I dropped in to see Barbi and am now home relaxing for the afternoon.

I'm very excited, because last night I watched the first episode of True Blood!! I love it. Can't wait to watch more. What's more decadent is that I took my MacBook and watched it in bed!!!! It was fabulous and so comfortable and snug. I felt very decandent. I'm just rapt that Karen gave them to me to watch!! Can't wait to see the other episodes. I love it when I've read a series of books and then I get to see it IRL.

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Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

So glad you had a nice week and that's great you've got copies of True Blood. Can't wait to natter about it at camp! Season two will have probably started by then, it's already playing in the states.


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