Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The day started normal enough. The holidays were drawing to an end and we were all aware of the fact that we should enjoy every last minute of it. Dinner on Thursday night was fabulous and the Friday's plans were to do a few errands and just chill out in the afternoon. Billy-Joe had a friend around to play and all four kids were happy and occupied.

I was getting ready to go out to Daisy’s, I was half dressed with wet hair and no makeup. The phone rang. I answered to a very quiet Mum who wasted no time on preliminaries. My Dad had collapsed and the ambulance were with him as we spoke. I hung up the phone, outwardly calm but my mind was racing. I went back into the bathroom concentrating on finishing getting ready, a little calmed in the knowledge that I could do nothing and that Dad was in good hands. Somehow I fluffed around, finished getting ready and collected my thoughts.

I decided to leave the kids as Peter was only about 15 minutes away. I had to tell them why and where I was going of course and they were shocked and upset. I’m glad I took the time to talk to them, and explain that he was being helped and being taken to the hospital and that I had to go and help Oma. We held hands and prayed. I found this very grounding and soothing.

I headed up to Mum’s and saw the ambulance heading toward the hospital. I always get a strange feeling when I see an ambulance, you can imagine how I felt when I just knew my Dad was in this one. Understandably so, my Mum was rather upset. I’m so glad I came as soon as I could. We packed Dad some items both being sure he would stay the night. I stayed at the hospital for a couple of hours and then left. Thankfully the doctors told Mum to go home later. My Dad was in good hands and being taken care of. They’d ordered a battery of tests, in the bid to try and figure out what had caused the collapse.

You can imagine my delight and surprise when I went to my Mum’s in the morning and she said Dad was coming home. They couldn’t find evidence of anything untoward going on. My Dad hadn’t had a heart attack, stroke or epileptic fit. They sent him home saying he was far too healthy for them. It was pretty special bringing Dad home and knowing he was well.

We all got such a fright. I rang my brother and he cried. I look back on it now, and can’t believe it had happened. I went and took the kids to see him yesterday and he was up and about, he’d been out to buy something and had a job he was about to tackle...........did last Friday night even happen??

Every day I’m grateful. I’m rare amongst my friends, who are all younger, and some much younger than me. I have both my parents, actually Peter and I still both have our parents. We are very very blessed and for years I’ve known just how lucky we are. One day I will get a call. One day the result won’t be so good.

I’m not ready for that. How does one prepare oneself for the death of their parents. They are the one constant in my whole entire life. Through the changes of my life, even the changes of husbands, through the growth of my own children, my parents are always always there. It’s all I’ve ever known. I’ve had them forever. When will God call them? How will I cope?

The circle of life will continue on.

I can not stop the inevitable. I can enjoy every single day with them. My kids are so lucky to have grandparents that love them so deeply.

Through thick and thin we are always here for each other. Our love protects, nurtures and helps one another.

I have much to be grateful for.

Seeing my Dad yesterday going about his business, made my heart sing.


Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Knowing how lucky you are is such a good thing Jenny and you are right, making the most of every moment is so important. It's almost 2 years since I got a phone call, a very bad one that changed the person I was. When you've lost a parent, you've lost a part of yourself, and after almost two years I know now that you never get it back.

I'm so glad your Dad is ok!

Joc said...

Oh Jenny I am so glad that your Dad is OK. I dont know how you start processing that your parents may be gone sometime soon.

Hope he stays well


Chris H said...

YOu are lucky your Dad is Ok, it must have given you all such a fright.
I lost my Dad in 2000, he drowned. It was awful.

Tina said...

I'm so glad to hear your dad is fine and is in fact very healthy. Must be a comforting feeling.

Unfortunately as you know, I do know what it's like to lose a father. It has definitely got easier but I still miss him so much.

Make the most of every moment you still have with your parents.


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