Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy Days

grrrrrrr...........I just lost my entire post..........

I'll start again. I've had a lovely few days. They've been quite busy after the quiet start to our holidays. I've had a great time.

On Friday I picked up the girls and they came for a while. They had morning tea and hung out with the boys for a bit. I love how they can still spend time with my kids, even though they are just so much more grown up now. The age difference is going to be quite evident now for a few years. Julia will be sixteen in a few weeks. I can still feel her lying in my arms. I so badly wished she'd been mine when she was born. I craved for a daughter as beautiful as her for many years. And then I had three boys lol........ On Friday, Suzy came for a visit. We spent the hours with our MacBooks. She taught me some stuff, which I was very excited about. I can now bluetooth songs from my MB to my phone. It's so cool. We also looked at these markets in Brisbane, and I'm so excited because we'll go next Sunday. They have a coffee and chocolate expo thingy too......

Yesterday I spent the morning cooking yummy treats for Mickey's birthday today. I can't believe my baby is 8!!! And as he leaves babyhood, he becomes a more and more beautiful boy who's growing up so very quickly. I'm so proud of you Mickey! I love your passion for your friends and family and for your golf. You are a daily delight.

Both sets of grandparents came for lunch. We had homemade sausage rolls, spinach and ricotta pastries, egg and lettuce sandwiches, caramel slice, pear and sour cream slice and a delicious chocolate cake which I thought I'd stuffed up. It was mainly chocolate, it is absolutely divine!! It only has 3/4 of a cup of flour and I put plain flour in, instead of SR flour, but I don't think it made any difference, actually I think the extra weight made a richer cake!!

Mickey got lovely presents. We bought him an Indiana Jones Lego set, Mum and Dad got him an infra red Meccanno set, and Nanny and Darby gave him $50 which he thought was rather exciting. We had a lovely afternoon. The kids and Bunny went to golf in the late afternoon, and I had some time to chill......

Looking forward to tomorrow as we go out to Wappa Dam with my parents.


Chris H said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mickey! Looks like he had a lovely day.

Teddyree said...

Glad you've had such a lovely few days...keep enjoying the school hols, they'll be over all too soon!


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