Monday, June 15, 2009

Too long between posts.

My Dad alerted me to the fact that my last blog post was weeks ago. I've been slack at blogging, so here I am with an update.

Life is busy, but just normal day to day stuff. Nothing out of the ordinary, I've not even had any work. I enjoy the day to day routine. My life is without stress as far as day to day stuff goes. The kids are all well and happy, and we're all looking forward to the school holidays which start in two weeks. Last week was a short week, due to the Queen's Birthday and Show holiday. It was nice having Peter able to spend more time with the kids.

The boys have been enjoying their golf. Billy-Joe played in his first tournament last Saturday. He was very excited and played reasonably well. Last Saturday he and Mickey both played a game after their practice and he won! He was very very excited and came away with a few golf balls. Mickey also did very well. My Dear Sammy doesn't want to play after practice. He prefers to come home and we're not pushing him. We pushed him to go to practice and to focus. It will be a year or two before he'll feel comfortable enough to stay and play with his brothers. He goes out willingly now with Daddy and his brothers on a Sunday which is fabulous. I love seeing them go out together and enjoy being together. I see many many years of my boys playing together. What an awesome legacy for Peter to give his kids. Father - Son time, so special!

On a personal front I haven't been as good as I would like. My HRT levels are great though, so I'm sleeeping really well again. I had another cortisone injection in my shoulder, this time guided by ultrasound. I have bad days and I have better days. I'm not sure what my next step is. I will go back to my physiotherapist. Sometimes I get so down by the level of pain I'm in. Then on a day like today where it feels a bit better and I've just watched Michael J Fox on Oprah, and I realize that I have much to be grateful for. Unfortunately thinking of those worse off than myself often doesn't help on a bad day. Let's face it, we are immersed in our own reality,not in someone else's. So while I have a great understanding and empathy of the pain and grief that others suffer, really when it's all said and done that doesn't change anything for me. I have just come to the realization that my body produces abnormal levels of inflammtory responses and I just have to cope with that. Pain killers are my friend, and thankfully I don't take very strong ones too often, and panadol and ibuprofen gives me a lot of relief. Two of my closest friends also suffer, caused by trauma within the body and the body's responses to other conditions. We are all on our own paths searching for relief and answers. My new year's resolution was no doctors.......and I've stuffed that big time. Now I'm concentrating on getting better, and managing the pain I live with, whether it's my shoulder, or upper back or hip........I'll manage it, on a day to day basis. I’ve bought emu oil, which I think is happening, I use it twice a day.

Winter is here. I love the cooler weather. The oil heater keeps our little house cosy at night time. The days are clear and glorious as only they can be in a sub tropical climate. A couple of nights last week it got down to around 4 degrees celsius (39 Fahrenheit). Last week I decided to sew the kids a dressing gown each. I didn't want to buy one, as I felt they were too expensive and always plastered with some kid design, many of them quite ugly and which seriously limits their life span, so I decided to make some myself. I bought them beautiful warm polar fleece, and they turned out great. All three boys can grow into their dressing gowns and have them for a years, as they won't grow out of the style or design. I haven't sewn in years, and feel really proud of myself that I attempted to do this. The boys are so rapt. Mickey was disappointed that I hadn't finished his on the weekend. He'll be excited to come home and finding it hanging up.

I enjoying my new MacBook. Two of my friends have them now, we're like a secret Geek Society lol. I can't wait for us all be together at Daisy's one night. Suzy is unfortunately having lots of drama setting up her wireless network with her MacBook and PC. I think she's close to having it all resolved, but not after spending many hours back and forth to the store, and also to Apple Support and also Optus Support. Even through it all I feel like she's very happy with her decision to 'cross over'. Yesterday Mickey had a birthday party in the same town where Suzy lives, and I visited Suzy. She had a power board set up and we sat side by side at the dining table and had a MacBook date. It was so much fun. We worked things out together and actually solved a couple of problems. The three hours just flew. Actually the entire weeekend flew and it was three days.

We’re heading into ‘birthday season’. Mickey turns 8 and Billy-Joe will turn 13 next month. I have decided that I’ll get Billy-Joe a prepaid mobile phone. I’ll give him my old flip phone and then when I get my iphone, he can have my current phone. The flip phone has a few glitches but will work fine for a few months.


Chris H said...

How right you are about feeling sorry for people worse of than ourselves and how it doesn't really help us in our own situations really! Our pain is real and awful to us RIGHT NOW... not that I have any right now! I'm glad yours is under control most of the time.

I am inspired to make the kids dressing gowns now darn it! I have so many things on the go right now it's stupid to start anything else! AND I don't even have my own machine. pffffft.

Avoid my blog if you don't like BAD WORDS!

Teddyree said...

Wow I can't believe holidays have come around so quick! I can't wait, its so nice not having to do things on a schedule.
Oh Jenny you are so right about empathising with others but it not making an iota of difference to your own situation.
Thanks so much for your lovely emails, take care {hugs} Sheree

t.t. millers said...

Cool to here about golf! My son, Zachary and my husband play alot in the summer. Zachary is signing up for the golf club at school this September. It's nice the boys have quality time with Dad.


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