Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Looking forward to holidays

I'm sitting down and relaxing now. The kids are at school, the house is tidy, washing is on the line, some more is washing and the ironing is done. I'm glad I'm not working today. I feel really flat, and am happy to be at home. Yesterday I had my IUD replaced so I think I'm still washed out from that. This time I wasn't going to be brave and I opted to have an anaesethic - probably overkill, but it was really nice to wake up and have it all done. It hurt like crazy last time and seemed to go on forever. They couldn't even get me up afterwards, because my blood pressure was not good. Yesterday, my BP was up before the procedure which is understandable and then when I woke up, they got me straight up off the bed. I felt a bit unsteady but them went and got dressed and sat and had a cup of tea and a sandwich. I'd fasted and missed my cup of tea that morning, so that was just bliss. My gf picked me up and I was hoping I'd be okay and not wanting to sleep straight away the afternoon. I get to see Karen so rarely outside of our irregular Friday nights, so when she suggested we meet for a cuppa after her class I jumped at the idea to have her come and get me and spend some time with her. I went and picked up the kids from school and then went to sleep for a good hour afterwards. Darling Bunny brought home fish and chips for dinner so that was good. I'm glad now that's over, probably won't need this renewed seeing as my girlie bits are all shutting down, if they've not shut down completely already.

The last weekend went by so quickly. Friday night was scrapping as usual and then on Saturday night we had dinner at Lisa's place. She cooked us a lovely meal and we enjoyed being together and oohing and aahing over her beautiful house. It's so spacious and just gorgeous. I can only dream of ever living in a house like that. We watched a movie later, which was a good movie although it changed the tone of the gathering from fun, laughter and silliness, to a more serious note. Probably my fault because I chose the movie, we probably would have kept the laughter going had we not watched a movie..... I even dressed up in some of Lisa's clothes that she was giving away....hilarious as the photos will show. My days of wearing clothing like that have long gone lol..... We watched 'Walk the Line' which I really enjoyed. It was a lovely night, and really special to have us together and not at Daisy's. Lisa loved the idea of waiting on dear Barbi, who is normally always looking after us. Food was yummy and the company was great, a perfect combination for a lovely evening.

Laughing but trying hard for a sexy pout.
Suzy and Barbi

Lisa, Suzy and Barbi

The Lovely Lisa and I

Carrin and Lisa

Suzy, Barbi, Carrin and Lisa

Me taking the outfit off, while the girls convince me to take them home for Peter!!


Chris H said...

I had an IUD once, that's how I got my 2nd baby! Oh and I was fully breastfeeding No#1 too! Pffft.
That home is beautiful!
The clothes look DEVINE on you.. you soooo should have worn them home... you would have NEEDED that IUD I reckon! lol
Oh gawd I'm evil.

Tina said...

Looks like you had a fantastic night Jenny.

You look hot in that outfit.

I'm looking forward to the holidays too but we have another week of school next week.

Teddyree said...

You all look like you had so much fun and the photos are awesome!


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