Saturday, May 30, 2009

A full week

This week has been a full one, but a good one. I had a guided cortisone injection yesterday. I had a radiographer inject right into the calcification on my shoulder. My Dad and I planned to go shopping for his new computer which we did afterwards. My shoulder ached badly yesterday at the injection site. Funnily enough though, when I blow waved my hair in the afternoon it felt a little better, and today it feels even better. Unfortunately I had the crappiest night sleep last night. Getting to bed and listening to my audiobook until 2am means I desperately need a good night's sleep. I'm wondering whether cortisone in your body can cause the same reaction as prednisone for example. It's also a steriod and can really hype you up. I felt wired last night, like I'd drunk coffee all night. I should have stayed up. I don't feel too bad today though which is good.

Dad and I had a great time yesterday. We ended up buying him a machine from the second store we went to, we got a fantastic deal and he was just rapt. I'm so excited for him. I'm going to ring shortly and see how it all went. He took me out to lunch afterwards to an Indian restaurant. The food was divine. I can't wait to go back there, and it was reasonably priced too. Thanks Dad, I had a ball, and look forward to maybe all of us going there together. We would all enjoy it.

We got home in the afternoon and it was almost time to pick up the kids. I sat for a bit after I took some pain killers as my arm was quite achy. I even laid down for 45 minutes before I headed off to Daisy's. I didn't take my stuff, it was so nice just to carry my MacBook. We had dinner late, seeing as I wasn't hungry from having had a lovely lunch. So it was well after 9pm before we returned to the table to actually do something. I played on Facebook, on my farm, and then started a class on learning how to use Picasa. We also watched Twilight on DVD. I had a grea time, but missed Karen. Lisa and Karen K were there which was lovely. Karen K is starting to get a tiny tiny belly, she's almost 18 weeks pregnant so we are all thinking it's about time she starts getting a bump. She's so slim and will carry this baby really well,there's no fat on her. She'll go back to normal quick smart after her baby is born..........not like me lol. Eight years after baby #3 and I'm so far from pre pregnancy body it's not funny [sigh].............

Today I fully intended to stay home and do not much. I've been out the last two Saturdays and I wanted no commitments. I really wanted to go to a cooking demo today, by Laurent who did my birthday dinner, with Karen. Karen and Geoff have gone to see Angels and Demons and she had her hair done, so it wasn't meant to be anyway. Billy-Joe needed a costume done for a play he's doing in English. As much as I hate dressing up, I hate making a costume more. I just don't have any imagination. I was so cranky, and had to explain to my darling boy that I wasn't cranky at him, but just cranky at my own lack of confidence, plus the fact I had to go out trawling through Spotlight on a day I wanted to stay in........... We got the stuff organized and I made it. We are both quite excited with the result. I'll post an image when we get his staff all made up. I whinged and moaned, and it all turned out really well. I hate doubting myself all the time. Some mothers just whip up things all the time, I wonder if they whine and moan too........ Once upon a time I wouldn't have had the money to spend on buying stuff either, thankfully that's not such a drama now.

Tonight's dinner will be simple, t bone and vegies. Yummo and wholesome......

Just spoke to Dad and the computer is all up and running.......Awesome stuff Dad.


Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

I'm exactly like you! The only thing I hate more than dressing up is making a costume! So don't feel bad, you're not the only one LOL. Hope you shoulder is feeling better soon and the injection works.

Chris H said...

I hope you did have a nice lazy weekend... I did!
And don't ya hate girls who have their baby and a month later look the same as before they got pregnant! Pfffffft.


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