Thursday, May 28, 2009

Update from Geeksville

My day started well, as I walked out the door this morning, I noticed that DB had cut out an article from the newspaper. I only had time to glance at the headline, but I made sure I read it later, after my shopping and before going to yet another doctor. I enjoyed my morning tea muffin all the more, because the news article claimed that Apple were opening another store - this time on the northside of Brisbane. Mmmmm, what else could I add to the Apple family lol?? One of my besties Karen, also thought this was dangerous knowledge lol....... wait till her dh finds out. These stores are geared towards assistance and tuition not sales. I knew that having another computer in the household would be practical, I just didn't realize how much. I can still have access to a computer while Billy-Joe does his research and types up an assignment. We even play together, with our farms on Facebook. So cool, and so much fun. I always vowed and declared I wanted to stay up to date with technology, for my own sake and for my kids. I listen to Billy-Joe and he is so much a chip off the old block that it's uncanny how much he resembles me. He appreciates the fact that I'm interested and up to date. My Mum and Dad dropped in this afternoon, which was a nice surprise. My Dad is excited as he is buying a new computer. For years he's had ones which my brother has thrown together from spare parts. He's never actually had a new computer. He won't know himself. And I get to go and shop with him. I'm so excited for him, and rapt that he wants me to go with him. I know we'll get an awesome machine for under $1000. He doesn't want it for gaming or photo editing, just browsing, emails and itunes.

Tomorrow will be a nice day, and going shopping for geek materials, but beforehand I'll be going to the X-Ray clinic to have a guided cortisone injection. I went and saw another doctor today, who was recommended by my physiotherapist. He decided that rather than give me another unguided injection, this was the best way to go. I'm actually excited. I have forgotten what it's like to live without daily pain.......between my hip last year and my shoulder this year, it hasn't stopped. I've had a lot of pain this week and that prompted me to take further action. It wasn't until I gathered my films to take today, that I realized that it was two months since my last injection which was borderline useless............two months. I've wasted two months!!!!!

My DB is ordering wine on the phone, the kids aren't far out of bed, and I'm enjoying a glass of wine and blogging. Dinner is steak burgers with pommes noisettes while watching MasterChef.......

Until next time.

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