Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Day

I feel like I've just run around all day. After yesterday's debacle with school being closed and me having to send the kids home not long after they got there, the craziness just continued. I did my Coles online shopping but always get a few things from Woolies and the fruit market. I also had to get a cartridge for my printer and buy a gift for my MIL who is 75 today. I got her a beautiful mauve fresh water pearl with a diamond. We have never spent much on her gifts before and wanted to get her something special. I think she will really like it.

I headed home and then had some time before I had to head out again for my physio appointment. I wanted to transfer funds onto my credit card after buying the groceries etc, only to discover that my groceries aren't coming today!! I'd made a change to my order, but hadn't 'checked out' the modified order!!! Thankfully I was able to organize a delivery for tomorrow afternoon, but it meant I needed to get a couple of things to tide us over..... I'm just so relieved that I actually had to look up my order. Normally I don't pay my CC until the next week!!

I went to my appointment, my arm and shoulder is having really bad spasms and I've been needing to go since the weekend. I hope I get some relief. It looks like I'll need another cortisone injection. After the appt I bought some milk and bacon and then headed home. I made a slice for the weekend, one less thing for Barbi to worry about. I wanted to make two, but ran out of time.

I've had some lunch and sat down for 40 minutes. The dishwasher is emptied and the washing is up to date. I need to do some ironing but will do that tomorrow. Pizza for dinner tonight and I'll use the bread machine for he kneading as I still can't knead dough with my arm.

I'm off to pick up my eldest.


Chris H said...

YOU. MAKE. YOUR. OWN. PIZZA!!!! My god, You ROCK! I am impressed.

Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Yum I love homemade Pizza, my hubby makes ours.

Is Daisy Chain ok? Not flooded and do you know if the roads are clear so that Sheree and I can get through tomorrow?

Teddyree said...

I love homemade pizza too but we are too slack, we buy it!!

Hope you get some relief from physio so your arm is ok for our big weekend scrapping!


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