Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm really happy to be home today. It's raining and miserable. Just wish my family were home too. I always love it when everyone's home snug after the end of a miserable day. I've done two loads of washing, and put them all in the dryer, no point stuffing around with washing that won't dry on the line, even when it's undercover like mine.

The weekend has gone by quickly, and was a good one. On Saturday everyone was busy and running in different directions. A sign of things to come as the kids grow up. I had my camera class, which have five participants and went very well. I finished the class on such a high as my students left happy and armed with new knowledge. It's exciting seeing the light bulbs go on in their heads, and hearing the enthusiastic and excited chatter as they left Daisy's. I stayed back for a bit, had a cuppa and then headed home. It had been a busy morning before I left as I got three kids organized. In the afternoon Billy-Joe and Mickey went out with my parents for the afternoon. They had a ball on a boat, and enjoyed a picnic. Plus they got to spend time with their cousins too, as Ricky and Dee were down visiting the girls. It's a shame we couldn't have all been there together, but it worked out well. Sammy didn't go as he went to a birthday party and his first sleep over. It wasn't until the middle of that night that I could believe he'd actually be able to stay away. He had wonderful time and coped very well being in a different environment.

We went to pick him up on Sunday at lunch time and then headed down to Coolum. I hadn't been there in years, and I wanted to see if it had changed, and maybe look inside some shops and have lunch. Well it was still as daggy as ever, not much had changed. The entire corner was demolished and lots of building is taking place. That will bring with it some new shops and food places. We had lunch at the bowls club, a simple meal,but it was nice. In the afternoon Peter took Billy-Joe and Mickey to golf and Sammy stayed home with me. He was very tired and was happy just watching TV.

This week, I want to get organized for the retreat. I mean I've only had three months to do it in!!! I have no idea what I'll do yet. I still don't want to spend much on supplies. Karen B and I are taking our MacBooks and I know Alaine will bring her laptop and Sheree has a new netbook. So all us geeks will be sitting together having a ball. In between catching up, laughing chatting, eating, surfing, checking facebook, we may actually scrap lol........ Karen K is coming, it's her first retreat and Lisa W is coming on the Saturday night. The theme is Happy Days, but I'm not interested in getting dressed up. Unless someone holds my hand and tells me what to do, my imagination is sadly lacking when it comes to fancy dress. I had a ball getting dressed as a fairy last year, but haven't dressed up since. Oh no I fib, I did wear a pirate costume at the pirate themed retreat, but that was only because someone brought me in an outfit to wear.....

I went on the treadmill today. I need to try and get on it everyday this week. With the retreat coming up, I need to bank up sone exercise points. I have to leave the retreat early on much to Karen's and my disappointment. MIL is having a 75th birthday party put on by her daughters and it's this Sunday. It's not that I mind going to celebrate MIL's milestone, but Karen's and my time together is so limited and we don't get together at every retreat, so we guard that time. I have decided that I'll probably go home on Saturday night and not go in at all on Sunday. That way I can sleep in and then we can go out.

I've had to make a physio appointment. My arm's worsened again, possibly due to the extra time I've been spending on the computer. At least with the trackpad I can use my left hand more.
Thanks Sheree for the award. I'm often lax at posting that I have received these, so have made a special effort to remember to post it on my blog. Thanks for thinking of me. I can't wait to catch up with you and Alaine on the weekend.


Teddyree said...

Retreat is nearly upon us, Alaine is packed & ready to go and I'm having a little freak out. LOL

How about a few hints and tips for dress up, I have no idea either. It's fun to participate but the motivation is sadly lacking!!

Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

Hi Jenny, I'm with you, don't do dress ups. I hate dressing up, no imagination at all! It's true I am all organised for camp, did it on the weekend. Today I scrubbed the house and tomorrow I'm getting my nails done so I'm on track. Kids are home of course tomorrow for the strike so it will be a relaxing day and it's supposed to be raining which will be perfect!

See you Friday!

t.t. millers said...

I hate when it rains on the weekend! How did the doctor appt go?


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