Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blogging in the kitchen

This is just so decadent. I'm standing in the kitchen in between cooking and making salad etc for dinner, and blogging - oh and I have a nice glass of chardy.

It's about three hours later. I never did finish my post. Dinner was divine - Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni. Sammy ate it like it was cement, but everyone else hooked in. The salad w as a simple green salad with tomato, onion, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

I can't believe that it's Thursday tomorrow. The weeks just fly by. I'm working again tomorrow, so with two days this week, that's fabulous. On Saturday I teach my camera class, so the bank account will look healthy and pay ahead the bills for the next month or so. I always like it when I'm in the black with everything, which I do with most bills. I just wish my work was a little more consistent. Even one day per week would be great.

I have had a really good week. On Monday I went back to the jeweller's to make sure that my bracelet was the right size. It fit really well, but I was worried that when it had lots of beads on it, it would be too tight. I was pleased, as the size was perfect. The sales woman filled the bracelet with beads and it looked and felt great - and not too tight. I was very surprised to feel how heavy it was! I wore it that day, and I just love it. I'd love to wear it all the time, but the instructions say not to wear it in the shower, so I'll keep it for when I go out.

Last week, I was sitting on the fence about getting the MacBook. I knew I wanted it, but I continued to question myself as to when and how it was going to be used. Each time in the last couple of weeks, I'd make a note of a time when I thought it would be handy to have another computer with internet access and when portability was handy. Even though I'd worked out how I was paying for it, I still wasn't going to rush in and buy it. I was so excited when Karen got her MacBook, and the emotion I felt for her, cemented the decision for me. I rang Peter and checked that even though it wasn't quite the end of the financial year I was okay to go.........and I rang Myer to make sure they had one in stock.

It's very very different to a desktop machine in many ways. The trackpad took some getting used to, but I love how sensitive it is. The great thing about Karen having one too, is that we can compare notes and ideas.

I love sitting on the lounge and tap tap tapping on my MacBook. I've installed some programs but want to keep it fairly light. I'll try not to fill it up with apps. I've attempted to edit one photo today, and, even though it looks okay, I'm going to experiment again, and try to do both a photo from the imac and MacBook with the exact same settings. I'd love to be a lazy editor lol........

When I have some more time, I'll do a better review of my MacBook. I'm excited about taking it to scrapping on Friday night to work through things with Karen. I'll also take it to the next retreat.

On another note - my youngest boy has sucked his fingers since he was a few months old. He has two fingers from his right hand in his mouth as comfort. He hasn't done it at school for ages of course, but at home, especially when he's tired, or snuggling into Bunny or I, or watching TV and of course in bed, he sucks on his fingers. I have never discouraged it. I figure he'll grow out of it anyway. He's had many people over the years try to discourage him, but it's never been a battle I've wanted to wage.

I'd noticed of late that his smile was changing. I couldn't figure out if his face was changing because he was growing up and I struggled to see who it resembled. On Sunday, he was sitting at the table, and he had his fingers in his mouth and I could a glimpse of him side on and it hit me like a tonne of bricks. His front teeth had moved!! His top lip protrudes slightly from the teeth, and his mouth has actually changed from sucking his fingers. So.......with a heavy heart I sat him down and told him he couldn't do it anymore. I explained that his mouth was still soft and it would move back to where it should be, but that sucking would make it worse. He cried! I cried! I held him as we cried together. I saw how much sadness I'd brought him, but to his credit he could see that what I said was right. I take my hat off to him. For his not yet 8 years, he's handled this with a maturity that is beyond his years. I haven't once had to say anything to him. He's allowed to suck them briefly as he falls to sleep, but that's it. Then I'll discourage that too in a few weeks time. I am so proud of him.

Where's my baby gone?


Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings said...

When I was trying to decide if I wanted a laptop or not a friend of mine said that once you get one you'll never go back to a PC and she was right! The portability factor alone makes them worth every cent! I love mine and love that I'm in bed writing this message.

My husband kept saying he didn't want one because the track is too hard to use but we are getting him one for his birthday in August. I know he'll love it.

Your son was very brave, my brother sucked his thumb for a very long time and I remember Mum have to have the talk with him. We all cried it was so sad.

Can't wait to camp!

Chris H said...

I hope it works mate! If not.. rest assured he will not walk down the ailse sucking his fingers, he will outgrow it!
I sucked my thumb till I was 12... I have vivid memories of my parents slapping my hand out of my mouth all the time.. it hurt! And of course it did not stop me.
I admire how you have gone about trying to stop your son from sucking his fingers... poor kid .. crying like that. It must have hurt his feelings too.. but at least you didn't belittle him and slap him like I was.

Chris H said...

Oh and I had to have a mouth brace fitted when I was 12 to correct the damage I had done to my teeth. That was yuk too.

Teddyree said...

What a brave little man, it is hard to stop something that has become instinctive & gives them such comfort. You handled it well too :-)

So looking forward to camp & I'm bringing my new toy, a very cute little netbook!

PS Visit my blog there's an award waiting for you xx


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