Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Fun

Picasa is playing up and won't let me upload all my photos in one hit! Sorry about three posts. Friday night scrapbooking was fun as always, but with an added celebration. Carrin is getting married in three weeks, so we had a hen's night/shower for her. We had wine and food and good company and a late movie but no games or anything. Barbi made her a headpiece and Karen had her bouquet from her Debut Ball! We put some money together and gave her a set of heart stamps, and a Daisy's cookbook. She was rapt with what we'd done for her. It was a lovely evening. A little birdie told me she had a headache yesterday!

Lately Karen and I have taken the pressure off ourselves and we've made cards instead. We both have a passion for acrylic stamps, and we have a good plan. She buys them, and I get to try them lol....... I did buy a new set on the weekend, which we will share too. The russian dolls in the cards I've made is one of her new stamps. I bought the owl stamps which are featured in one of the photo posts.

On Saturday Barbi, had a charity day for the Bushfire and flood victims. There was only a small number of us, but we had an absolute ball. Lisa H and her friend Donna came, Yvonne a lady who's a regular Saturday scrapper (and one of my photography class attendees), Karen and Suzy. We spent the whole day together and it felt like a retreat weekend. Karen had spent the morning, drenched as she watched her sons play football, but arrived in time for lunch. Suzy and I were able to catch up on our 'geek talk', which is always so nice. We discussed when would be the right timing to buy a laptop. We want to use the childrens' school tax rebate to help purchase them. We've decided that the idea time, may well be before the end of the financial year. I was willing to wait, but Suzy said, the government in their eternal wisdom, may decide they've spent too much money and this tax benefit could be scrapped next year. We would both be very upset if that happened. I wouldn't be doing it without that tax benefit, and I don't think Suzy would be doing it this year either. I talked to Bunny about it and he agrees with Suzy's thinking. We spoke a bit about our cameras, and it was a pity that she didn't bring hers along. She'd bought a field guide for the book from the UK (I ordered one too - free freight from the Book Depository). I changed a setting on my camera after talking to Suzy, actually I've changed two things since she's bought her new camera, so I'm keen to learn more about my own camera. I have stuck to the familiar settings and I need to explore more and take my picture taking to a new level.

I was so excited to have found my card mojo yesterday. I was even more excited when I inspired Suzy to make a card like my blue owl card. Her work always inspires me and I was excited to feel that I'd inspired her. I took my Cuttlebug, and had a ball with Barbi's embossing folders. A highlight of yesterday was Dawnie joining us in the afternoon. It was lovely sitting and chatting with her. We all had dinner together,and Dawnie even stayed for that.

Lovely Lisa, was very very very peeved about not being able to join us and I need to hide this post so she doesn't know how much fun we had..... I'm sure she had fun with her visitors though. I just feel sorry for anyone who dares stand in the way of her coming next Friday night! Their life wouldn't be worth living!!

My shoulder and arm has a dull ache! The acute pain has gone. I'm praying that the healing can commence and that the dull ache goes away too. It hurts like it hurt when it first started. I've been very careful not to lift anything heavy, and have been cleaning and doing lots with my left hand. I'm feeling happier today than I've felt in weeks. Pain is crap and just takes the oompf out of my life. I've been debilitated with pain a few times in my life, and it scares me to death. I'm just so grateful to my physio for sending me off to get a scan......thanks Carlie.

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Karen Barr said...

Friday night was a great night, haven't laughed so much in a while.

beetricks said...

Have you visited

Her artworks and dolls remind me a lot of your cards for some reason! She has a great website!


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