Thursday, March 26, 2009


I've had a better week. I actually wanted to go out this week, so that's a big improvement. I worked on Monday, and all went well as I mentioned in my last post. On Tuesday I visited my gf and we chatted and ate yummy cake. I had my scan.....which showed bursitis, arthritis and calcification on the bone - at least now I know.

On Tuesday I rang to see if Cath could cut my hair. She was busy until he end of the week. She was going to see 'Chicago' (scroll down) on Wednesday and asked me if I wanted to go, as Craig wouldn't want to go with a busload of ladies!!! I had to do some juggling with kids and an appointment, but I ended up going.

Cath cut my hair beforehand, and then we drove down to Kawana to where the mini bus was leaving from. We headed down to Brisbane. The lady who'd organized it, made us all lunch. For $6 we had a chinese meal container full of homemade goodies, grapes, and we had a bottle of water too. It was delicious and perfect. The show was fabulous. I was just amazed at the talent, and the level of professionalism. Caroline O'Connor, the lead, was just awesome. She was so young, athletic and beautiful with a voice like Liza Minelli, but more guturral - very strong and powerful. You can imagine my shock when I read her bio last night and discovered she was my age...... God,that made me feel so old......I thought she was 20 years younger than me. On the way home, we had chocolates and a glass of wine. It was nice chatting and relaxing and not having to worry about the traffic. I was sick of sitting down all day though. My back ached lol....... I'm not used to all this relaxing!!

Today I had a hectic day. I ended up having a cortisone injection in my shoulder. I also popped in to see my parents, which was nice. I had a lot of running around to do, between the doctor twice, hunting down my cortisone and a visit to my physio... After physio, before I had to head back to the doctor, I went and had a dose of Daisy's. It helped to calm me before I had to have the injection.

I'm pleased I'm home now. I'll just duck out shortly to pick up my little ones and then I can come home and have a shower and prepare dinner. I just bought pizza bases, so dinner is simple.

I need to rest my shoulder for a few days. The local which was injected with the cortisone is starting to wear off.

I am looking forward to a glass of wine later and a relaxing evening.

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Tina said...

Jenny, I am such a slack commenter. I have been reading though.

I am glad you are feeling brighter and at least now you have some answers for your pain.

I'm so jealous of you seeing Chicago. I would love to see that.

I love your new blog layout.

Hope the injection helps.



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