Monday, March 23, 2009

I made it

I'm glad I was worried about today. It spoiled my weekend a little, but at least I felt like I was pro active and not reactive. I didn't take my additional anti depressant medication this morning. I decided to take it at night (tonight). I couldn't afford to be sleepy at work. Plus I wanted to be able to take nurofen plus and I would have been comatose with both drugs in my system. I know my body would get used to the extra, but I can't risk it - and I didn't want another day of feeling like I did over the weekend. It reminded me of the times I'd changed my medication in the past, when my kids were still little. It was the most horrible time of my life. I had a baby and a toddler, while I was trying to 'wash out' from one drug, and then re introducing a new drug. I would spend the day lying on the sofa, wishing like anything I could just sleep, but, of course I couldn't. It was like sleep torture. Being dead on my feet and not having the liberty of just being able to relax. I'd done that a few times, because often the new drug wasn't suitable, so then I'd have to go through the whole process again. I knew that there was a light at the end of the tunnel, but it was a tough road getting there. And like this weekend, the mornings were the toughest.

That's how I felt this last weekend. Thankfully my kids are much bigger, and it wasn't traumatic - they just had a drowsy Mum to contend with.

I was grateful for the class that I had too. I had to lift, but with assistance and my aide took the brunt of the weight. Two kids were in wheelchairs, so that made it easier to keep them where they were required. I had a lovely aide and we chatted the entire day as we took care of the kids. It was much less stressful than many of the days I've had there. No backchat, no bad behaviour, no tantrums, and a little amount of academic work got done too.

Dinner tonight is very easy. I forgot to defrost something this morning, so I'm making a meal that I used to make frequently years ago. It's a very simple curried tuna.

Curried Tuna
Big tin tuna in brine,drained and broken up
Large tin creamed corn
large tim corn kernels
onion, chopped
garlic, crushed
1 tsp of 2 of curry powder
salt and pepper to taste
parsley chopped to serve

all mixed together and served on a bed of rice. I will see the consistency and then may add some lite evaporated milk in it, with a little cornflour if needed. I've gone off plain tuna served hot, so I'm trying this dish again as I have three big cans of tuna in the cupboard, and the cat won't even eat it lol.......(she only eats dried stuff).

It's plain, but yummy and kid friendly, healthy and dead easy.....

Can you tell I love corn? My dh always laughs because I put corn in most of the family meals. I am a corn connisseur (sp?). For several weeks the brand I liked was unavailable and I went into withdrawals lol..... Now it's back in stock and I have a little stockpile. Bunny laughed when he saw four cans of corn in the pantry. It's not the first time they've not had it - I want to be prepared next time.

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t.t. millers said...

My mom used to put corn in our chili. It was actually pretty good! Thanks for bringing back the "corn" memory! ;-)


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