Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Sorry for the boring title - no inspiration for anything clever today.....

I had my cortisone injection almost a week ago. My shoulder is better, the acute, take your breath away pain is gone, but that's all. I still find things difficult and I am acutely aware that I need to be careful. No, that's not quite right, I can do more things. I've done more housework things than I've done in the last few weeks. But my arm tires and has no strength. Needless to say I'm not doing any weights, but I have been walking on the treadmill. I've been on three times this week, so am hoping my fitness will improve quickly, because it's decreased very very quickly. I'm walking and not jogging at the moment.

I've had no work this week, but the clearing of some debts has made life easier and taken the pressure off me. I am still able to save money for Christmas and for my Surprise Cruise (five year plan) so all's good there. I hate it when I have my pharmaceutical bills, because with three different medications, that's my biggest personal expense. My scrapbooking costs very little at the moment, which is also good. I have been making cards of late too,which helps keep the cost down, and it has a practical component too, which appeals.

I've finished the Twilight series of audio books. I've loved them and am very sad that they are finished. I'm totally hooked on the whole audio book thing, the multi tasking opportunities are huge. Housework was never so much fun, nor ironing.... I'm reading a real book at the moment, and it's a Field Guide for my camera. I've only just started it and have already learned two major things that I didn't know before, so I'm stoked.


Chris H said...

My son Mike just recommended I read the Twilight series.. is that the same as you go on audio books? About some vampire and girl....

Weight watchers Satisfaction plan is just points! The satisfaction part comes from eating enough of the good foods to keep you 'satisfied'.... derrrrr. But as we know, WW's does work... so I will forgive them their fancy new name for POINTS PROGRAMME. lol

It's good to hear your pain is not so bad and you are getting some exercise. That is what I have to work on now... getting some regular exercise fitted into my day.

t.t. millers said...

Twlight movie just came out on DVD!


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