Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Dr. Phil

I have missed Dr. Phil in the last few weeks, because they've had a new show on, called 'Ask the Doctors'. It's not a bad show, but they'll often concentrate on things that I already know, they focus on the 'get healthy' track more often than not. Their interesting shows have been on the less common issues, like certain diseases etc...... However, even though I'm a wanna be doctor, I have missed Dr. Phil.

I have always liked his straight forward approach. I don't always agree with Dr. Phil - but most times I do. He calls a spade a spade and has helped thousands of people with his no nonsense, rational approach to issues.

He's been back on this week, and I'm pleased about that. Today's show, wasn't the ideal one to have on while I was eating lunch! The show focused on a woman who had OCD. She is a compulsive hoarder. Actually this woman had more than one issue.

They showed the rubbish in her house. Normally, when I've seen previous shows on hoarders, it's just loads and loads of 'clean' rubbish. But this was just the most revolting thing I've ever seen. Like I said, not good lunch viewing. This woman had so much food, just rotting in the fridges and freezers. The freezer in the garage which was inaccessible due to all the rubbish in front of it (one truckload!!), had opened, so all the food was defrosted. The freezer was full of maggots and sludge - just vile. The kitchen fridge didn't fare any better. I was shocked and saddened to see this. The woman has children - really lovely kids. I'm so sad to think that these kids have had to grow up like this. The woman had her own issues of anxiety and depression, and found the whole cleaning up thing very very stressful. Added to that her boyfriend is a drunk! My heart just went out to the kids.

Dr. Phil has thrown resources at her, for her to clean up her home and to get better herself. The kids love her, and support her. I hope she continues on her journey, for their sakes as much as hers.

As an aside, I am pleased that she was getting help, and all for free. But I don't think she 'got' the gravity of what she'd done. There didn't seem to be any shame in the state of the house, nor a whole lot of gratitude about what she'd received...... Maybe that's just the cynic inside of me.

And I hate it when I find a dust bunny, or a floppy carrot in the crisper drawer......


Karen Barr said...

Am the green eyed monster....your blog looks gorgeous!

t.t. millers said...

I love your new blog! Looks Great!

Lisa H. said...

Wow, love the new blog couture!!

Was interested reading the Dr Phil story of the messy house. I had a friend exactly like that years ago. She was a single mum with 4 kids and struggled a lot with depression. She went away for a holiday once and I had a key to her house so spent a whole week (joined by my parents) and cleaned and repaired and took trailerloads of rubbish to the tip! Some of the things we came across in that week were just indescribale.

When she got back she barely even said thankyou .. just said "it doesn't feel like home anymore". A few months later the house had returned to the same state. It was so sad. You can try to help people but they are not always ready to be helped.


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