Thursday, March 19, 2009

A brighter day

I'm on the hunt for a new GP. My old GP is okay, his care has been fine, but there's something lacking - empathy and a sense of humour. I like to be treated with both. I feel they are my strong qualities when dealing with others, and I now know that it's something I crave. I don't need sympathy or pity, by any stretch, but an understanding and an empathetic ear, goes a long long way.

Today I went to a new clinic. I saw a doctor, he was pleasant enough. I was booked in to see a lady Doctor, but she went home ill, so my appointment was rescheduled. I was basically after a referal to have my shoulder scanned, meanwhile checking out the 'feel' for the clinic. Parking was a cinch, which is important in this town. There's a chemist adjacent which is a huge plus. It's close to home, and they bulk bill which is rare these days.

My anti depressants have been increased too for the next couple of months. I know this will make a difference.

My shoulder has gotten increasingly worse this last few days. Yesterday I was in so much pain, I couldn't do much at all. My left hand and arm is now doing so much more. I was even 'mousing' with my left hand yesterday. I had to bring my physio appointment forward because the pain was so acute. It's a long way from better, but much better today than it was yesterday. I had to do the groceries this morning, so I did it very slowly (I hate trolleys!!!!), and carrying in the groceries to the house, took eight trips. I only carried really light stuff in my right hand. I've been getting Peter to drain the pasta or rice this week, and he's had to lift my heavy scanpan. I've even had him wipe the bench at night. Now my left hand can do a good job of that. I open windows and doors with my left hand. Thank God I'm not carrying an infant anymore!

My tummy still felt 'icky' this morning. I actually felt like I had morning sickness. Not a nice feeling, but thankfully it's subsided. I feel better now than I've felt for days in my stomach. I'm looking forward to dinner and a chardy later.

Barbi came and visited and spent a few hours with me. That woman is good for my head, heart and soul. We didn't even talk about me. It's just her presence. She exudes a goodness that I just drink in when I'm around her. We drank good coffee, ate good cakes and had a light lunch.

I'm heading out now to pick up my little ones. Billy-Joe is across the road with Sheila, one of our elderly neighbours that we keep an eye on. She is quite artistic and Billy-Joe is asking her questions about drawing. So nice to see that a young pre pubescent boy is interested in what an old lady has to offer. Very very sweet, and I'm sure Sheila will be rapt that he came to see her.

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Chris H said...

I am thinking of changing my doctor too... I want one with a sense of humour too.... and who listens to me!
I'm glad you are feeling a bit better mate.


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