Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A new Week

One thing about a treated depression, is that it does improve when the slumps hit. I had a very quiet weekend, just enjoying being home and spending time with my family. It's always back to basics for me when I feel down. I started the week yesterday feeling refreshed and ready to take on life head on again. I have also exercised four days in a row, so I'm sure that helps with how I feel. I am going to continue at my current rate of jogging 4km in 30 minutes. I am working in a better zone and don't wish that I could finish before I've even begun lol......

Both Bunny and I are looking forward to our next holiday, which we'd decided wouldn't be at the same place as we've gone in previous years. We were able to rent a house a little north of here, for $180 less than we paid for our unit last year, and we have booked it for ten days. The house is larger than our own, and has a pool, which will be just awesome. We have found there are some nice restaurants in the town, and a supermarket, and the beach is only a couple of streets away, so we are very very happy. The kids have asked me questions about it every day - I have told them perhaps they need to forget about it as October is a long way away.....

Off to do some tidying.

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t.t. millers said...

Exercise really does improve your mood. One would think doing so much work would just make you tired! I always feel like I could conquer the world after running on the tread mill. Keep it up Jenny! xoxo


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