Thursday, November 06, 2008

A great week

My second week of my contract is drawing to a close - and, again I'm a little sad. On the flipside, though, I am looking forward to a few days off next week just to catch my breath. This week has been in sharp contrast to last week and hasn't been as emotionally or physically draining as last week was. I am finding that I am really enjoying working with the severely autistic children. They touch something in my heart and respond well to my style of teaching and behaviour management.

I finally got paid - first time in 6 weeks!! I am very pleased to now have most of my bills paid for the Christmas holiday period, in advance. I still will pay some other stuff too, and make sure I have enough money. It was too tight last year - well it was okay over Christmas, just not good into late January and early February. This year I want to have nearly all my bills prepaid!

I have been getting rather excited this week as the Food and Wine show is creeping up. Can't wait! We are going with some friends of ours. I can't remember going away somewhere with friends for ages - probably about 11 years ago, when Billy-Joe was still a baby. These days our social engagements are few and far between. The kids are staying with Oma and Opa and are very excited. Billy-Joe in particular is ecstatic to be staying with them. He has a little something for Opa, something he had to do something in order to get, so he is looking forward to giving that to him. It's lovely seeing the bond they have with their grandparents.

We have booked into the Matt Moran's first show, which should be good fun. It would be nice to actually win something. I am looking forward to the Wyndham Estate truck, as this years discussion is about wine and chocolate! We are staying overnight and we will go out somewhere for dinner too which will be fun. I would love to do yum cha for breakfast, but not knowing my way around, I'm hoping Max and Vicki know where we can go - I haven't run this past them yet.

The wind down toward the end of term begins in earnest now. My own kids only have four weeks left. In four weeks, I will no longer have three children in primary school. In four weeks, I won't have my big boy keeping a close eye on the other two. Sammy will become the big brother at school and I know he will do it well as I see how he is whenever Billy-Joe has been ill.

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