Wednesday, October 29, 2008

No time to blog

You can always tell when I’m not blogging, that I am extremely busy. Blogging, as much as I enjoy doing it, it’s very low on my list of priorities. The fact I haven’t jogged yet this week, means that blogging rates a bit more higher on my list than exercise lol......

I wonder if women who work full time and exercise, manage to keep everything up to date. I wonder if the washing is done, the kids’ homework is supervised, their reading listened to, that the dishwashers are emptied, and not used as a secondary cupboard. I wonder if their clothes are ironed and put away. I wonder if they cook delicious and healthy meals without resorting to take away. I wonder if their house is clutter free, or if it looks like a whirlwind has struck. I wonder if they sit down at the end of a long day with a cold glass of wine, happy with all they’ve achieved.........and they’ve added in a half hour or more of exercise.

I wonder.

If they do, then I take my hat off to them. I can’t do it. I come home very tired. My days are quite physical and extremely taxing on patience as well as my strength. I have my wits about me all day long - especially depending on who I am working with. Today I rounded up a child who wasn’t where he was supposed to be - he was sitting down at the front of the school watching the world go by - a 19 year old with the mental ability of a 2 year old. I had another young adult, severely autistic and non verbal, try to get into an unlocked car. My elbows ached after two sessions with him. In the morning we were cooking, and because I was wearing gloves, the boy’s entire t’shirt was covered with my finger prints from the glove powder. It wasn’t until I saw that, that I realized just how physical my job is - and that was only an hour’s worth of prodding, gentle pushing, cajoling and steering. I enjoy my work, but find that department not an easy one to work in.

The next couple of weeks aren’t going to be any different. I am in a different classroom each day, and they will vary on levels of intensity, academic ability and stress levels. I have a few more challenging classes to contend with - but I know I’ll manage fine.

The Food and Wine Show is coming up after this weekend, and we are very excited to be able to go. It was such a highlight last year. We are going with friends of ours this year. I have booked our accommodation, and unfortunately couldn’t get the cheaper room, but we are staying in the same place as our friends, so that’s great. I am going to buy the tickets today, but need to check what session times our friends have, so I can get the same one. The ‘famous chefs’ sessions are already fully booked, so I unfortunately missed out on those. We will go and visit the Wyndham Estate truck again, they are doing a wine and chocolate tasting this year, so we will go and book a soon as we get there. This weekend is the scrapbooking retreat! Another weekend away. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know why my social engagements can’t be neatly spread throughout the year. I don’t know why my busy work schedule doesn’t work in more favourably with said social schedule. The house will be vacuumed over the weekend and my darling will think that constitutes ‘housework done’ and I will just have to not worry about it. I will promise to myself that it’s okay, to let slide a little. I will have to do my ironing on Sunday night when I come home. On the Monday I have a visitor, a girlfriend from Geelong. We met when I started my first job. She was 16 and I was 17 - and we have stayed in touch. Her kids are grown (she managed to stay married to her first husband, unlike moi). So that will be a nice day. I will endeavour to cook a meal for lunch and Peter can come home for lunch too, so that will cut down on cooking on that day. Hopefully I can fit in my ironing and some cleaning that day too - as I’m not going to get another chance....... I know I shouldn’t worry, but I get upset when I look at things, and they don’t look just the way i like them.....

The benefit of all this work, is that I’ll actually get paid. How about that???? EQ isn’t speedy in paying its workers, that’s for sure. I haven’t been paid since the school holidays!! They owe me heaps. I hope to pay ahead many weeks of utilities and bills for the Christmas break. I want to not worry about that, but still have some ‘fun money’ to spend over that time. I have a bit saved up for Christmas so that’s good. I haven’t finalized any Christmas lists, so am unsure what I will spend.

I have been keeping up to date on my CZ class. I haven’t been doing the RWC challenges, but I will do them on the weekend. I have also registered for Jessica Sprague’s free class of Stories in Hand, which will be good fun. It starts week after next, so I can hopefully put some time into it.

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