Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Feel better

I woke up really sore from my treatment yesterday with the physio, like really sore everywhere, my stomach muscles, my legs, my back and my legs. Every way I moved I hurt, deep inside....... I scrapped a little and then put it to one side. I had a late lunch and then laid down for an hour before I went to get the kidlets.  I got home, had a cuppa, supervised homework, listened to reading, made a meatloaf, baked a packet cake, jogged on the treadmill - get this for 30 mins straight!! I was so excited. I've not long come upstairs, showered and am having a well earned glass of wine.........  Now I feel so much better. My soreness has eased and my muscles all feel nice and warm.  I did some weights too....... I really need to listen to my body, instead of chastising myself because I didn't exercise this morning.........

I have been watching the Oprah specials which are all about ageing....... Scary stuff, what eating shit food and not exercising can do to you. When you have it all laid out, you realize how you really need to treat your body well. You have to look after your telomeres too.....


Dinner was delicious tonight and a favourite by everyone. I made a meatloaf, not normally my favourite dish, but I added a tin of brown lentils (couldn’t find red ones), grated carrot, oats, parsley, garlic and onion. I served it with a Caramelized red onion chutney, it was yummo and I will definitely make it again.

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Chris H said...

That meatloaf sounds to die for! We love meatloaf, I put all sorts of grated veges in mine, it's about the only way to get Griffin to eat veges!


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