Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Back to Firefox

Sometimes it's too hard to think of a catchy title........

Lots to say - but not in any real order, so dot point format might be in order.
* I have been a Firefox user for about four years now. It's more stable than IE, more streamlined, loads faster, and with all the themes and extensions you can download for it, it's just all round a better internet browser. I was very happy when I bought my imac, that Firefox would still work on it. I had tried Safari, (Macs browser) and wasn't sold on it. I found pages looked smaller and I just didn't like the fact I couldn't customize it to my liking. However when Firefox 3 was launched a few months back, I went back to using Safari almost exclusively. One of my favourite add ons, 'My Portal' wasn't compatible with the new version. My Portal allowed my home page to be all my bookmarks, which I realize now is redundant because you can have your bookmarks as your home page. Another thing I liked about My Portal, is that it made the frequently visited sites in a larger font, so for example blogs were easily found as they stood out from the crowd. Now with bloglines, however, this is no longer needed either. Soooooo............I went back to Firefox this weekend, and it's even better than it used to be. I have even set Firefox as my default browser again, so Safari can go into semi retirement for the time being. I was using Opera for some things too, like the radio, which I'll probably still continue.

* I went to the physio yesterday and am feeling very sore today. Carlie, seems to find more and more places on my body that hurt - actually there's no where on my body that doesn't hurt. She massaged deep into my upper stomach and it hurts like I've been beaten lol.... My legs are extremely sore too. I want to jog today, but will see how I feel later in the day.

* Am currently enjoying listening to gospel music. It's lovely peaceful and uplifting.

* Was supposed to have a lunch date with my bestie today, but one of her Daisy Girls went home with a migraine - hope you're feeling better quickly Suzy. Hope resting today, will help it go away.

* I have been scrapbooking at home - can you believe it. I am enjoying Cathy Zielske's Design your Life class. It's helping me create layouts which don't need too much thought and I'm using photos I wasn't inspired to use, and products which I've had for ages. I am hoping that by the retreat, my stash will be run down enough that I can justify buying new stuff. Actually in the last twelve months I've bought less than in any other year, since I've started scrapbooking - except maybe in the Pre Daisy Chain Scrapbooks days, when I was using Creative Memories.
* Had a quiet weekend, battling a stupid head cold. Still using the nasal spray today, so I can breathe and the sore throat is gone. Eyes still feel scratchy, and I'm still headachey but that could be from the treatment yesterday too.
* Cooked a delicious Moroccan Chicken last night, was delightful, with sultanas, pine nuts, cumin, cinammon, garlic and lemon and lime juice. It was very fragrant and delicous - everyone enjoyed it.

Here are some layouts I've finished in the last two weeks. The colours and straightness are off because I took lousy photos........and didn't want to rephotograph them.

Using up old Sassafras lass paper and embellies, Sammy's and my birthday last year, thought I'd better do it before our birthdays this year.

This one is from Cathy Zielske Design your Life Week 2

This one is also from Cathy's class, PP Basic Grey, embellies - sweetwater, heidi swapp letters, and something else I have no idea......I'm sure there's a knack to keeping credits, but I don't know what it is.......

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