Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Time to Chill

I live by lists, and plans and diaries and organization! It keeps me sane, helps me prioritize and keeps me on task. They are the perfect accessory for the Type A personality, the strong anchor for the control freak and the soother for the stressed. I love them, I need them, they help me.

Today was time to chill out! No appointments, no plans, no lists! Bliss.

A little time out is just what I needed. I came home from getting the kidlets to school and hung out a load of washing and then went back to bed! I snoozed and zoned out for about two hours. I just needed to totally relax, not think about anything and just refuel and re energize. I took the phone off the hook too. No pesky tele marketers wanted today. I snoozed and even dreamt and then got up. I felt a bit groggy for a while, and just pottered on the computer. I had left over bacon, pumpkin and pesto pasta for lunch while I watched Dr. Phil and some of Oprah. Then by this stage I was feeling ready to re-enter the land of the living!! I went downstairs and did my workout on my treadmill and weights and then went and picked up the kids from school. I’ve just sat down now with a drink. An Italian Shepherds Pie is in the oven and a salad in the fridge. I supervised the kids’ homework and reading whilst cooking.

Now I can travel along for another few weeks, until the next time that I need to just stop and chill.

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Yummy Mummy said...

sounds like a near perfect day to me!


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