Thursday, November 06, 2008

Happy not anniversary

Some years go by, and I don't consider this date until it's well past. This year, however, it hit me like a tonne of bricks as I have dated the kids' communication books at school. Twenty six years ago today I was married for the first time. Sadly, on that day, I had reservations, but was naive enough to believe that love would conquer all. Even though things didn't turn out, I still have fond memories of my married time. I loved the times we spent with friends, going out, camping and all that kind of stuff. It was also during this time that my relationship with my parents matured and we became best of friends. I enjoyed the time I spent with my first mother in law and still speak fondly of how much she loved me. I worked close to home and came to her house everyday while I worked there, and she made me lunch. I lived next door, so it was a given that I went to her house to eat and not my own. To this day, there are things I make because of the way she did them. She was always kind and considerate toward me. She didn't understand lots of the things we did, like 'why do you want to do that?' if we wanted to go to the MCG to watch the cricket........I should have been home making babies lol....... Thank God that never came to pass.....

Happy not anniversary dh#1 where ever you may be, I wish you nothing but happiness.

I'm sorry I hurt him by leaving, but I don't regret anything. I don't regret marrying him, and I don't regret leaving. Life's too short!


Chris H said...

Wow how nice that you feel no animosity towards your first husband. I don't feel the same about mine... he wasn't a nice person and to this day has not seen his 4 kids since the day I left him (March 26th, 1985!)... I used to wish him ill, now I just don't even think about him. His mother had passed away before I came into his life so I never knew her which I think was a shame.

Tina said...

Sorry I haven't caught up with your blog for a while. I lost a lot of stuff in my computer and didn't have your blog addy until you posted a comment on my blog.

Sounds like things are going well with you. Glad to hear you have had some extra money coming in. Makes a huge difference at this time of year to have some bills paid.

Thanks for your amazing comment on my blog. I really appreciate your input and concern. It means so much



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