Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Thank goodness

That today is a quiet day. The last four days have been frantic. Just really really busy with everything coming together as it's sometimes prone to do. I am really happy today, to be home having an extremely peaceful day. I have spent the morning clearing up all the stuff that was in the old TV cabinet and deciding what to do with it. I couldn't get over the amount of user manuals I had, gosh we collect some stuff.  The new cabinet looks lovely, very different to what we had before, as the old one was square, deep and high. This is modern, low, sleek.  And doesn't hold as much crap!!  On the plus side, it's got doors and drawers so the stuff is neatly stowed away.  

The last two days were busy, because as Murphy's Law of supply teaching kicked in again, I worked for two days. Which meant Peter had to get the TV and cabinet yesterday without me. He also took the old one and got $50 for it which will go towards the cable guy who is coming today to hook everything up for us.  Unfortunately Bunny got a flat tyre while doing this, so $25 of it went on having a puncture fixed!! What is it they say about in one hand and out the other! 

On Monday morning before I headed off to work, I had to proof read Billy-Joe's assignment, which we were so happy was all done, and then with the bussyness of the weekend, we'd forgotten to proof read it and it was due in on Monday. I also had to empty the stuff out of the old cabinet, so I got Mickey to help me with that.  I had a great day at work and was promised the same class for Tuesday which was fabulous. As luck would have it, Billy-Joe's appointment was yesterday with the paediatrician at the hospital. It was at 2.50pm, which was impossible to get to after work. My Mum and Dad came in on white chargers and rescued me there. They picked up the other kids and met me up at the hospital. I had to organize another teacher to supervise my students at the bus stop so I could leave early. Then, to add another spanner in the works, Sammy woke up with awfully sore and puffy eyes from his allergic conjunctivitis. Poor little mite, no amount of ice and antihistamine drops was able to settle it before school, so I had to leave him home, and thankfully Peter was only 10 minutes away and he came home and got Sammy and then they did all the running around for the new TV and Cabinet.  

The specialist we saw yesterday afternoon was great. He is incredibly thorough and is looking into Billy-Joe's asthma, as though it's not been diagnosed at all. So he is having all the preliminary allergy tests and lung function tests, so we know what we are dealing with.  My little man was very brave as they took four vials of blood from him.  He didn't even shed a tear, but held my hand all the same.  I went into IGA and bought chickens and coleslaw for dinner. I went up and picked up the other kidlets who were pretty excited because they'd had their first swim for the season. Mum went in too which was awesome. I can remember when my Mum first moved here, her benchmark for the weather warming up was that she always got into the pool on or around her birthday which is on the 8 September. In recent years, that date has been and gone and Mum hasn't gone into the water yet. It's just not hot enough, and we become blase to the glorious weather we have sometimes, and the urgency isnt' so great anymore to go and have a swim. So yesterday was the first time I think she's been in this early in the Spring.  It was an absolutely glorious day, in the high twenties and the kids were rapt to have had an early and unexpected swim.  All the way home in the car they talked about the game they'd played and how they couldn't wait until the pool at the unit next week.  Thanks Mum and Dad for your help yesterday. I don't know what I would have done without you.

We got home at around 5pm. Billy-Joe brought the washing in and I proceeded to clean up the mess from the old cabinet having left. The dust on the floor was disgusting, plus the new stuff was just spread out everywhere - a disaster area, and I can't function with everything in disarray. I cleaned all the cables - far out there must be a thousand cables.......and the dust - just gross.  So all the bits and pieces are clean and dust free, and at least when the cable guy comes I won't be embarrassed because of the dust bunnies, so that was worth getting organized.  Plus I was able to put the new cabinet in its place and put all the lounge chairs back. Last night we put the TV together, which was a bit of a challenge, but it looks lovely and just huge!!

Now I have vacuumed and tidied and I can 'play'. I had nearly finished my class layout on Friday, so I finished it just before and I'll upload it. Love the class.  

A normal evening tonight, and with a new TV to watch. A normal evening meal. No reno, no unpacking, no re organizing, no tidying just chilling out.

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