Sunday, September 14, 2008

Busy, love, lucky and idol

What a busy weekend. Yesterday started with a lie in and a companionable breakfast with my husband. We 'strategized' our day, planned our menu for dinner and then set off on our separate ways. Mr Bunny took Sammy to his footy break up at Top Shots, while I stayed home and dealt with the bottomless pit of washing which descends on our home everyday. Billy-Joe, with is awesome work ethic, set about finishing his assignment of the respiratory system. Mickey harassed me to bits, to wrap the present and head off, even though the party wasn't for another couple of hours.

We headed off to Zone 3, delivered an excited Mickey and then went over to the shopping centre. I wanted new rashies for the kids, and a shirt that I could wear as a cover up on the beach, or to wear when leaving the beach. I found a new bathing suit and a shirt at Rockmans, and with 30% off, I was wrapped. We rushed back to get Mickey and then went home. By this stage it was nearly 4pm.

I cooked a yummy dinner of roasted and grilled vegetables on turkish bread with a pesto sauce - just delicious. Plus we had an awesome evening together. I consumed a bottle of champagne and we laughed and listened to music and had a great time.

Today we got up, we had a nice breakfast together. Mickey and I had pancakes, and Bunny had bacon, eggs, and left over pesto on the left over turkish bread. Looked delish, but too ambitious for me for breakfast.

We went to Harvey Norman today and took advantage of the 50 month interest free program that's on at the moment. We bought a plasma TV and wait for it..............

I got this!

I am the proud new owner of a Canon 450D. I am using my camera class money to pay for it, and I am very excited and very happy. My old camera has taken over 10000 images, and is getting rather sluggish. This is 12.2mp jam packed of features and speed which is just unbelievable. Had we not bought the TV I would have waited until I'd saved some more money than I already had - but with the limit needed for 50 month interest free, I wouldn't have been able to buy it on its own. I feel like I have all my next two years worth of birthday and Christmas presents come at once. The camera is smaller than my 300D, which is good, and means it's also lighter. I find it hard sometimes walking around with it hanging around my neck. I am really excited as we are going away next weekend, and I will get to really try it out - I wonder how many pics I'll take during that holiday!

Our afternoon continued to be busy, as we needed to buy a low cabinet for the new TV too. The ones at HN were too expensive for us, so we had to go to AMART and the HOME centre. We found a really nice one from the same place as where we bought our bookshelf from. By this stage the kids were incredibly cranky, but we were happy as we'd achieved all we'd set out to accomplish. It was an exciting afternoon. Some people are into extreme sports, I'm into extreme shopping! I get such a huge adrenalin rush buying big items like that. I don't know why, it's just exciting, and nerve wracking, and scary and wonderful all at once......

I spent the afternoon reading my camera manual and waiting for the battery to charge up!

DB has the bathroom completed almost and just needs to put the shower screen which he will put in tomorrow.

We are calling this week, our wind down week, and are already trying to focus on being in 'holiday mode' even though Peter has another busy week ahead....

The TV should come home on Tuesday and we will get our cable guy to hook it all up. No need for any extra stress, it costs, but is worth every penny.

I want to work more this week, but hope tomorrow is a day off. I am behind a couple of days on my online class, and I want to ring up about Evenstart, a teaching program which I want to be involved in. I get to work one on one with kids, but still get paid my great hourly rate. I have organization, analysis and reporting and assessing, but it will be awesome to follow a child through and to actually finish something I start. The program has received extra funding for next year, so I am pretty positive I will get some work.

This very lucky girl is signing off .......

Ooops nearly forgot the idol part of my post title. I have never watched idol before to this level of attentiveness and I am really impressed with the level of talent of the line up. I will vote for Wes Carr again, I think he's fabulous.

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Chris H said...

OOOO awesome new camera, have fun working it out!


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