Monday, August 18, 2008


I had a quiet day at home today. Well, that's not quite true, because I was very busy which meant I achieved heaps.

Mickey was home today, as he had a temperature again, and his throat was sore. It was a revoltingly cold day, so there's no way he was going to school. The Nurofen seems to do the trick, so much so, that I wonder if he's ill at all, but he flagged a couple of times during the day, so I know I made the right decision. 

I was able to do some cleaning jobs which I'd put on the back burner due to work commitments - so it's good to get those jobs done.  I sorted out my Artbin boxes for my scrapbooking items. One of the boxes has compartments and it shits me to tears, as the embellishments climb over the compartment into the next compartment, which means all the little bits get mixed up, no matter how often I sort them out. I have Chatterbox chipboard letters that I don't want to get rid of, but they always seem to 'move house' by shifting into another compartment. I may have to try and make a point of using them. Maybe they'd work on cards.  So I put the items into small ziploc bags, so at least they can't move around anymore. The other box, is my 'card making' box. It's always a mess too, but doesn't have the compartments, which is good. One of my besties had a good idea that acrylic stamps would store well in a zipped up folder. This aftenroon I took Mickey out early before school pick up and got his haircut. I ducked into BigW, but couldn't find any folders. The newsagent's had an A5 display folder, which I thought might work, and, at $3.10 it was well worth trying. It looks great. I will have to go and buy another one, because my current stash of stamps fit in there, but I need another for any additional stamps, and I want to know that I can get the same folder.  

Dear Bunny is still not well. Finally I coerced him to go to the doctor's today. He has antibiotics now so hopefully he will be on the  mend quickly now. I don't mind anyone being sick, but it irritates me when they don't go to the doctor!! He really should have been in bed all along, but insists that everything else is more important. Today he realized, that maybe I was right!!!  With a good initial dose of antibiotics and a good night's sleep, hopefully by tomorrow he will feel  a little better.  Touch wood I don't get  that sick. Dear God, I don't want to be that sick - even dear Bunny admits it's better having him sick than me -which is his way of admitting that everything would crumble if I was really sick.

Book week parade tomorrow - the highlight of the school calendar year!  (NOT)  I find the whole thing painful. My kids are sorted out though. Billy-Joe is great, old enough to get his own stuff together, so I don't worry about him, and this year's his last year for that. Sammy is supposed to go as an ancient Olympian, but of course wants to go as an ancient Egyptian, complete with red and white chequered tea towel.  (Much to dh's chagrin I might add!)  Mickey is going as a Mexican. We have a flag, I will eyeliner a nice curly moustache on him, he has a straw hat, and I will make sure he wears the red, green and white.  Then it's over for another year.  

The retreat is coming up again this weekend. I can't believe how quickly the last three months have gone. Normally I start to count down the weeks, because I am so looking forward to it, this time they just snuck up. All of a sudden it's here. I know that I planned my Digital Photography Course to happen the weekend before, so I think that's why the time went so quickly. I was so focussed on working at school and then getting my course info together, that every spare minute I had was spent on the course.  I am really pleased I scheduled it for when I did, as it means now I have the week before to think about the retreat, and know there's nothing more pressing that needs to be done.  

Last night I sat with the latest issue of Scrapbook Trends and picked out layout ideas that I liked. Now I am going to focus on completing my editing and making sure I have different sizes available to me, so I can do some of them. I know that on previous retreats where I have been prepared, I am much more productive, and I promised myself after the last retreat that I would be organized.  It's an Oriental theme this time, but I am not dressing up.  It means on the Saturday night, it's one less thing to worry about.  Mum and Dad bought me some beautiful silk pjs from Thailand, I could wear them - I need to try them on as they are pretty baggy on me. It will depend on how cold it is.  Would be comfy to go in jammies.

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