Thursday, August 21, 2008

Not much news

I’ve been fairly quiet this week. The household hasn’t been a well one. Mickey was home on Monday and Peter has been crook. He went back to work today. He came home for smocko but said he was still rather tired and flat, understandably so.

Yesterday was his first day out. We went to Joyce Mayne and Hardly Normal to check out TVs. We found a 42“ Plasma, by Panasonic that we really liked, but we are going to wait until 48 months interest free is offered again. Twelve months interest free, just isn’t long enough for that kind of money. We need a new cabinet too, as the unit we have now won’t fit a large TV in it.

My head cold is still with me. Nearly seven weeks! I have days where I feel pretty good but the last few days I’ve felt lousy, so have been grateful for the break from work. I am working tomorrow, so at least next week’s pay will have something in it.

Off scrapbooking this weekend, so I have to feel 100%.

I have another specialist appointment next week and it dawned on me that I still need to have a blood test done. I have been putting it off and putting it off, but I need to do it today, otherwise he won’t have the results in time.....

The kids have their last training session today - yeeha! No more rushing around two afternoons a week. Our Saturdays will now be peaceful affairs again which I just love. I love their passion for the game, and the fact they are active, but it’s sooooo good when the season is over from purely a selfish standpoint. They both had a great season which has been great for their confidence.

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