Thursday, August 14, 2008

Live and Learn

After my incredibly frustrating afternoon - added to the printer saga, I went into Peter's bank account to transfer money back into mine, because he didn't leave me his card this morning, and the EFT number they need - wasn't a one off thing!! We set it up so we could move money around easier, like when I pay for the wine or shopping out of my account, but I didn't realize the number was required EVERYTIME I want to transfer funds!! 

Anyway I digress!

Brain fart alert ahead!

I was lying in my bath and thought that perhaps before I chuck the printer into the wheelie bin, I should see if it prints okay in colour - on the off chance it was the ink and not the printer.  

The colour page printed fine!!

I didn't go into detail  in my earlier post of the work around that I did in order to get my master done! 

Printed it out on imac
Didn't work
Printed it on PC
Didn't want to recognize Pages format (mac app) and kids computer is PC
Convert entire document into Word (on imac)
Print out on PC
Icons and pictures don't come out!
Decide to re copy and past icons onto word document from the file where I had them stored
Was smart only copied two, and then tested on PC
They worked
Go back to imac and copy and paste all images
Go back to PC and begin to print
Realize that page breaks are in the wrong place
Fix page breaks
Print on Epson off PC

Go back later and print out a colour page on Canon with imac
Prints out fine!!

Tomorrow I am buying ink!

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