Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I have spent a gazillion of hours in front of the computer in the last two weeks, but haven't had time to blog!!  My photography class is coming up this weekend, and I was working hard to get that finished. I made a powerpoint presentation (something I've never done before) because Barbi has  a huge flat screen TV hooked up on the wall and connected to the computer, so I've got a way of projecting it - plus I find it would help me stay on track, plus the fact they look professional.  I have also notes to give the attendees. I toned down on the technical stuff from when I taught this course last. Most people aren't interested in that - and that's okay - so it's no point putting in stuff that no-one cares to read.  I find it adds to the understanding of things, and I don't know anywhere near all there is,but I can take comfort in the fact that I know more than the lady who has only barely taken her camera out of the box!! 

I had my second MRI today. I wasn't stressing about it, but was not looking forward to it, and was lamenting at what a waste of a day it would be. I wasn't looking forward to having a needle in me four times before it was the right spot and having a dead leg right down to my knees! I wasn't looking forward to the tunnel of gloom as I lay there with the most dreadful cacophony of noise I've ever heard, plus have my arms fall asleep because my elbows aren't comfortable and I am not game enough to move a muscle.  So this morning I got up, all psyched up and prepared for what lay ahead. I was lucky that darling dh was going to drive me again, so no worries there. I had to prepare my body too. The pubic jungle was scary and I couldn't have the doctor thinking he was injecting a woolly mammoth!!  So prepared emotionally and physically I headed off with book in hand.  It was so much better today. The doctor got the anaesethic in first go, instead of fourth go - so no dead leg.  Just hours of being pain free!!  The MRI was much quicker than last time, and the music was so loud this time, that the noise wasn't as sanity breaking as the last time. I was also told that I could move when there was no noise, so every now and again I had about 6 seconds where I could move my fingers!  Then I headed out to the motel and Lisa and I had a coffee and lunch at the coffee shop - a very nice ending to a not so stressful procedure. My darling picked me up and in his usual easy going self, was happy I'd met up with Lis and that the procedure was not so bad after all. 

Peter had done some work for a woman who had a gym which she wanted to sell. Peter said she was a big girl and this stuff had never been used. He went and picked up the weights thing, and there was a brand new treadmill as well. So for $400 we have a gym downstairs now. We are rapt. Walking and jogging on a treadmill is so much easier than the road. No hills - much better for my hips.  So what a bonus. The only downside is that it's not in a closed in area, so it gets dusty. We have covered it with a sheet and there's a mat we wipe our shoes on before we hop on. It's not going to be any time soon that downstairs is going to be closed in, so we are going to have to be really careful with the equipment.

My tax cheque came a couple of weeks ago. Thank God, it was a good return, because I was able to get some of my debts out of the way. My imac is paid out - 12 months before the interest free period finishes, but I was paying a fair bit each month, and over the months where I wasn't working, it became a bit difficult. I also paid out both of my credit cards.  Zero balance, nada, nichts, finished!!  I haven't had them at zero for about two years, so that's a huge relief.  I am not going to let it get so high this financial year. I have saved some money and put it away to help me out over the Christmas break, so I won't need to resort to the fantastic plastic.  Now I'm only paying my car off, but that's okay, it's manageable and I am much better off each fortnight now, which is awesome.  Our TV is on its way out, has been for about a year and a half, it was all pink and green around the edges, and it must have heard us talking about getting rid of it one day lol......suddenly the discolouration is gone.  But when you turn it on now, the picture isn't real clear and it has a high pitched sound to it.  A new TV is around $1500 and neither of us want to spend that just now. Once the cars are out of the way, then we can get it - or if we get another good tax return next year, which I probably will.  The new TVs have the most awesome pictures on them. They almost look 3D.  

I bought a new heater on Monday. Our little fan heater died last week, whilst we are in the midst of a cold snap.  I bought an oil heater with a fan. It's great - has kept the living area very cosy these past few days. While I was there, I had a look at TVs too, so that I know what are up for. We will get an LCD one, who knows they will probably go down in price anyway. We need a new cabinet too, to put the TV on, as our current one has a 'hole' for the TV and it won't fit a nice widescreen TV in it. Oh it's nice to dream and drool, and it's free too.......

Dinnertime now, so must go and get organized......

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Chris H said...

WE just got a new TV, but can't use it till we move.. not point getting it out of it's box! It's awesome though. What have I missed or forgotten? MRI's, scans.. needles.... ?????? I hope you are Ok mate!


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