Thursday, June 26, 2008

Murphy's Law again

Unbelievable. I haven’t worked all week, and then today I get a call. The schools know I am not available on a Thursday, but she forgot. It would have been nice and close and would have put me back into the black for the following month. I am really cranky I had to say no. I had to say no, because we have a solicitor’s appointment to sign our wills, which we have finally organized, that’s the biggest reason, then I want to be home to take part in my ‘Shoebox’ webinar, it’s my grocery day, and probably the most important fact is because Sammy is involved in a ‘cafe’ and Mum, Dad and I are all going ‘out’ to the cafe for lunch - and he would be heartbroken if I didn’t go....

What price for your kids?

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