Thursday, July 03, 2008

School holiday bliss

The first week of the school holidays is well and truly nearly finished. I wish the holidays wouldn’t go by so quickly. In some ways I have less time to myself, because there are others to look after during the day, but I do prefer the easiness of the days. I love the fact I don’t have one eye on the clock all day - meeting appointments, school commitments, work commitments, and picking up the kidlets. It’s 2.30pm now, and normally I would be heading out the door picking up my kids - and the afternoon and evening stretches ahead of me as a busy and demanding time frame.

This week has been great fun. The weather has been perfect. The days are around 25˚ and the nights are cool, perfect for snuggling, but not freezing cold like they had been for a week or two. On Tuesday we went to Wappa Dam for a picnic. The kids were so excited to spend some time with Oma and Opa and their Aunty Ricky and Aunty Denise, and the girls. Julia had to work, so couldn’t join us, but Kiana was there, playing footy with the boys which was great. I had my chair out on the sun,and just enjoyed the soothing feeling of it on my skin. One of the downsides (mmm, there aren’t that many!!) of living in the subtropics is that I don’t get to actually enjoy the sun much, but during he winter days, it’s just lovely sitting in it and enjoying the warmth on my skin, without being cooked to a crackle. I had to leave the picnic area early to meet a physio appointment for a very sore neck and shoulders. The million dollar latex pillow I bought several months ago wasn’t doing me any favours, and it wasn’t until I made a concerted effort to sleep on my other side, that it confirmed my suspicions. I paid $100 for it and was reluctant to give it up. I feel much better now, even last night it was starting to feel better. Two nights of not sleeping on the culprit has helped too. I have given Peter the good pillow - hopefully he will be comfortable.

I had a bone scan done last Friday, and Osteitis Pubis is no longer in contention for my diagnosis!! So, I am none the wiser. Another half day of injection, stuffing around, and laying still on a table, and I still don’t know what’s wrong. I won’t think about it for a few days - maybe it will go away lol....... I wish!!!

Peter has been painting the house all week, and it’s starting to look lovely. I am so glad I am not paying him by the hour, as he isn’t terribly fast, but he does a great job, considering he’s not a painter by trade. The house looks fresh, clean and bigger. His ‘to do’ list, which I jokingly tell him is written on a toilet roll, isn’t getting any shorter - well, maybe just a little!!

My darling husband took me out for lunch today. We wanted to go to the Orient Express, a really nice Chinese/Thai restaurant in Palmwoods, but just our luck and it wasn’t open for lunch!! Only on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland could you still make a good enough business, by only being open hallf the time!! We had lunch at the Palmwoods Hotel which was lovely. It was expensive, but delicious - and heaps of food. I couldn’t eat all my Caesar Salad, and had some nice warm cob loaf with capsicum dip which was delish. We also shared a caramel frappe which was decadent and yummy. It’s been 19 weeks on WW and this is the first time I have ‘let my hair down’. And it’s great because I didn’t eat heaps, left a third of my salad, because I was full. It’s Mickey’s birthday on Saturday. I have planned my chocolate cake recipe, lemon patty cakes, sandwiches, and I will make some sausage rolls, but will make some lower fat ones. I have bought pork mince instead of sausage mince and I have some low fat puff pastry too.

Kids have had a ball being at home this week. They have the car track set up and are enjoying the good weather and playing outside heaps. Today they are at Holiday Care, so we could have lunch and I could have the groceries in peace. Plus it means they will have a great day tomorrow, because they won’t feel like bickering as much.

One of my dear friends offered me some work. Her and her husband have bought the CamerHouse stores on the coast, and she offered me Sunday work, or part time work in the future. I know that I would love the work, but don’t think I am ready to kiss my teaching goodbye. Plus it would mean coming home around 6pm, instead of 3 or 4, which is a huge difference. I don’t want to stretch the friendship either, but having any ‘special’ requests. Not sure how much the pay would be, but it wouldn’t go anywhere near what I can get teaching - but knowing what days I am working would be a huge plus. I know I could definitely bring something to the business. I know more than the average person about cameras, and being a woman, I think that’ s a real bonus for the store. I would also learn more, which is always exciting for me. Definitely something to keep in mind....

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Tina said...

I am so jealous of your beautiful weather. It is so cold down here.

Our kids don't break up until tomorrow and Steve is having a few days off each week to look after the kids.

I really hope you get some answers very soon about your pain. I guess at least with all the tests you are having, it rules out anything nasty.

I hear you about loving the lack of routine in the holidays. Even the sport stops for 2 weeks.

Look after yourself Jenny.


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