Monday, June 23, 2008

Another weekend gone

I can't believe how fast the weekends go by. I had a busy one this weekend and it was very enjoyable. Friday night I went scrapping as usual, and enjoyed another lovely evening with a few of my closest friends. I tried to get home earlyish as I had to take Mickey to his game on Saturday morning. I took Mickey to his game, came home, quickly tidied and put on some more washing. I made a pot of coffee and waited for dh to come home so we could sit together - enjoy a nice cuppa - before I got changed, and headed out for a midday to midnight scrapbooking day. I made two cards (x2) because a girlfriend wanted copies. I love her work, it's awesome, and then I was worried that htey wouldn't turn out well enough. so I took ages to get my head around these cards. I need more practise of measuring and cutting etc. My scrapbooking is always straight, but doens't require measuring, so I don't do it much. I think I harmed a fair bit of cardstock making those cards lol......but they turned out really well. Barbi had chicken and salads organized for dinner so that was lovely too. The money raised went to Cystic Fibrosis.

Yesterday we went and visited Peter's parents, and had lunch with them. It was really nice seeing them, and seeing them so happy. Mum is recovering really really well from her shoulder surgery and after her year of eye surgeries and her shoulder replacement, she is finally a picture of health and is feeing great. We also dropped into the Caloundra unit and paid a deposit on our holiday. It costs so much, at least if we have it paid off before hand, it means we can go out for a few meals and not worry about every penny so much if the accommodation is already paid for.

On Friday night we were chatting and one of my girlfriends asked me what I did all day. She loves to do her chores and then head out for the day, whether she rides her motorbike, goes to the plaza or sees her sister -she just always goes out. I really enjoy my days at home, and her questions set me to thinking and analyzing why I like to stay at home.

When I only had Billy-Joe, I became bored at home. I loved going out then, I really craved company of others as I felt lonely too. Most days I visited my parents, and EVERY single Saturday Mum and I went shopping. When the other kids came along, I stayed home - out of necessity. They were hard work, and going out was far from easy, it was quite stressful. I would go to my fortnightly MOPS mornings and that kept me sane. (Only just!!) I don't miss those early years. Yes I loved my kids deeply when they were little - don't get me wrong. But I didn't enjoy being home with a baby and a toddler. I had gone from one child who was so well behaved, to a baby (who was good until he too became a toddler) and a toddler who was 'full on'. Even once I only had Mickey at home, I found it difficult. I'd had ten years of babies, nappies, crying, crankiness, whinging which drove me spare - and I was looking forward to having those days behind me. Combine all that with problems with depression, battling my weight, being tired all the time and I am a little sad in reflection. I kept my house clean, my kids were well looked after, and I am glad I stayed home in those formative years, as I believe kids need that, plus I didn't have the energy or the mental fortitude to have returned to work, even though at times I knew it would have been good for me to have gone to work.....

It's the second year now that all my kids are at school every day, and also the second year I have returned to work. I love being at home during the day. I love the peace and the fact I can do my chores without anyone undoing my work behind me, or without having to worry about what anyone is doing. On the days I don't work, I am quite content to just stay home. I rarely go out as I don't have the need to go out. I don't have the money either, so lunch and or coffee isn't an option. I buy my meal every Friday night,and that's it. If I were not working at all, that wouldn't be every week either. Heck, this fortnight, I have no money now until pay day, which is Thursday week. No money - except a tiny bit I have left aside for Friday night and no access to any either. But that's okay - that's just the way it is - but it also means that coffee, driving somewhere needlessly, or lunch, just isn't on my radar.

Instead I can do my chores and sit and play on the computer, read blogs, learn my computer programs and operating system, read my book, go for my walk and just enjoy my own company.

It's 11am, I have done some errands,made some phone calls, bought some groceries and picked up some more ventolin for Billy-Joe. I also had to get fuel. When I got home I did my ironing, and dusting. The toilet's cleaned, the kids' room is tidied. I have browned my chicken, onions and garlic an have a yummy apricot chicken simmering away in the crock pot. Later I will head out for my walk and pick up my kids. As it's the last week of school before the holidays, hopefully none of them have any homework, so that will make this Monday afternoon a pretty cruisy one. Sammy has to practise his keyboard as he has a concert tomorrow. Normally with homework, I always help them - and harass them to not talk and keep working, it's almost like being in the classroom. Sammy takes ages some days, and as he is reading 'chapter books' we are often working together until around 4.30pm. I like to help them with their homework while I am preparing dinner. They can then play and I will have my shower and get into my jammies. Nowadays it's getting quite cool, so the kids normally inside and showered by 5.30pm. Peter comes home around six, showers and we have dinner. Then I clear up, load the dishwasher, and the kids read before their lights are turned off. Sometimes one of us will go in and read to them, but we are encouraging that they read to themselves. It's awesome seeing them all reading now.

My days are full and busy - and I often don't go anywhere. I guess it's a sign of contentment. I have set up my environment to be my 'happy place'. I love going to work, and Friday nights are my mandatory night with my 'bestests' - but it's pretty awesome being happy at home.

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