Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sleepy Sunday

I can't believe the weekend is nearly over again. It goes far too quickly. I had a couple of late nights, Friday night Scrapping and last night dh and I had a party for two, so another late one. I paid for it today. I got up early and went to church, and then came home, had brunch and then went and snoozed for a few hours. I feel much better now. I can't start the week exhausted, as I never seem to catch up during the week.

On Friday, I got a note back from Catholic Education, saying, sorry they no longer process paper applications and that I would need to lodge an online application. Man I was not impressed, they didn't even send me back all my documentation. I hadn't copied my referees information, or kept a copy of the graduation certificate or anything. Anyway, 2 and a half hours later, and I had it all done - not before fearing that I'd lost the lot, because it didn't seem to want to go onto the next 'stage'. I received verification straight away, that I could visit schools and let them know I was available, and that the online profile was available for schools to view. I rang and spoke to them at Cath Ed to find out about what steps I would need to take to be able to teach in a permanent position. Seems if you are not Catholic, it doesn't look kindly toward your prospects. Even though I have a strong faith, it's not enought. My husband (who is Catholic) said I should have said I was............I couldnt' do it. I would think that kind of discimination wouldn't hold up in a court of law, but there you go..some things never change. At least I can do supply work there, so I will drop in my resume and see the school in an 'offical' capacity, and let them know I am available. I know they have had another mother of students working there, so that shouldn't be an issue.

I had the strangest day yesterday. I had done most of my chores during the week so that my Saturday could be a little easier. Peter stayed home for a change which was nice. I got him to give the house a good vacuum and then I mopped the floors, so that was good to get done. We hunted around on for a delicious recipe and dh went out to buy the things we needed. I gave Billy-Joe another baking lesson, we made gingerbread men out of the packet. That was fun, and he really enjoyed it. Earlier in the day, the kids had watched Garfiled Movie in Billy-Joe's room complete with popcorn. They were so well behaved, I was most impressed. Like all good things, it was to come to a crashing holt, when, they got restless and Billy-Joe and Mickey bashed heads.Mickey came out bellowing and screaming, Billy-Joe being the elder with supposedly more sense hidden there somewhere was sent into time out while I tended to Mickey's sore eye with an ice pack. After the time out time was over, I checked Billy-Joe's eye and saw it was even worse than Mickey's, so his was ice packed too. One thought have thought that an injury like that resulting from shenanigans might have stemmed their enthusiasm for more. A couple of hours later, Mickey was doing forward flips on Daddy's bed, miscalculated and hit the corner of the same eye on the shelf. He came screaming up the stairs, blood streaming down his face, his father chasing him, but Mickey needed his Mummy. I quickly grabbed the closest cloth to staunch the blood and apply pressure. Dr. Mum knew it needed suturing...... The peace of my afternoon, and the relaxation which seemed promisingly ahead, was shattered. Two hours later I came home with a little boy and a glued eye.

I had a bath with him, he still needed me close, and I had a relaxing bath, with a glass of wine in hand. His eye is quite swollen this morning,but I haven't given him anymore pain relief. He's a tough little mite....... Peter fed the kids and started with our dinner, chopping and prepping. I had bought these two racks of lambs over two pay days as they were so hideously expensive. I thought eye fillet was expensive, that is until you pay $32/kg for rack of lamb. There wasn't a skerrick of fat on it. The dinner was to die for. The meat was marinaded in chilli sauce, fish sauce, garlic, mint, and left in the fridge for a few hours. The sauce was chopped fresh mint, palm sugar, rice venegar, lime juice, garlic and chilli. Then I made Sweet potato rosti. We had a party for two, and didn't eat until about 11pm. I had also made a Caramel tart for dessert which with whipped cream is the most decadent easiest dessert you can possibly make....... It was a fabulous evening, we had a great night. Awesome food, awesome company, awesome music.......and awesome other stuff, which will remain private......perfect night!! (I knew you'd be wondering why we didn't eat until 11pm!!!)

Much to the disbelief of everyone in my family, I was up bright and early and headed out to church. Billy-Joe came too, which was pretty good. Barbi led worship at the Church of Christ and the service was nice.......and I was soooooo tired. But would never have forgiven myself if I hadn'at gone, I have always wanted to go back and said I might go back one day, if Barbi leads worship again.....I came home, had brunch, and then dozed for a few hours. I have finished my novel I was reading too, and now have sat downt o write some emails and post here..........

I will update my food blog if you are interested in the recipe.....

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Tina said...

Sounds like a wonderful night after all chaos. Boys will be boys!!!

Please send down some of the rain. It's like the whole country has done a flip. We are so dry here. Our front yard is dirt :(

I'm glad to hear you have some work. I really don't know how you have survived without working. We wouldn't have.


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