Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A lot to say, but very busy.

I have been rather busy since my last posting. Good busy!

My work 'drought' has finished (the money drought is still happening, because I haven't been paid yet) but things are heading in the right direction. The last two weeks I've had a day a week at Kenilworth, even had the cute little Preps on one day. What a lovely bunch of kids.......much nicer having a straight Prep rather than the PreSchool/Year 1-2 mix from last year. It's rare that I can focus on a single year level. On the other day, I worked with my old teaching partner, in a huge classroom. There are two teachers for 40 kids, and the kids move between the teaching spaces, depending on what's happening, so a very busy and well organized place. I just went where I was told lol.....

The pièce de résistance , however was that the local Special School rang me and asked me to work for a day. I was so excited - finally. I spent a day a term there two years ago, because, I wanted to show them that I was keen, even though I had no experience in that field. When I left that afternoon, I was asked to go to the office and was offered three more days (one of which I couldn't take because I was already booked). What a fantastic place to work. Mind you it bears little resemblance to a mainstream school, but it's so much better. The teachers there are just awesome, and I really enjoyed being and working with the kids. I think I like it because it really appeals to my nuturing side. My first choice of profession was always nursing, and I love teaching too. This job encompasses both disciplines. At first I would come away and thank the Lord that my kids were 'normal'. But even now after only a few days, I am finding joy in the things they can achieve. I guess it's like having a young child actually grasp something, we like to take some credit for the child having achieved something as we are sure it's because of us that they achieved this. I have been working with the 'transition' kids - 16 years old and above. Some are non verbal, some are confined to a wheel chair and non verbal. But many are quite physically able and are 'teachable'. I was in my element today as a teacher came from TAFE, for the Digital Photography course. Well, I know someone was watching from above - if anything is my forte, that definitely is. There are only 100 kids in the school but the school is huge, as there are only about 5-6 kids in each classroom. The rooms always have large common areas behind or between them with fully operational kitchens. I enjoy working with the older kids where the focus is on life skills rather than academic ones. I have another day booked next week and the week after, and I hope there are more to come. It would be fantastic, if I could work there regularly. The other bonus was, that I don't have to put the kids into care, as the work is local, and they only have to wait 15 minutes for me to come and get them........ I am saving on petrol and child care which would be about $18 per day (altogether).

This weekend just gone was the scrapbooking retreat. I think it was the best one yet. The theme this time was 'Fairies' and my girlfriends wanted me to dress up..... Now I don't do dress ups. I don't want to do it unless I can look okay. Plus I pike out as I don't have the time or energy to get something organized. Fortunately I am a good follower and with guidance I can achieve anything. Barbi came around last Thursday afternoon, and I made my 'fairy' skirt. Barbi had bought the fabric for us and told me how to do it. We had a really nice afternoon - and I really enjoyed making it. I finished it on Friday afternoon. I will photography my layouts when the weather improves and when I am home (I photograph without a flash and need good daylight). My dear girlfriend Kerrie came and we had a ball. I haven't seen much of her lately as she nursed her Mum who died a few weeks ago. Kerrie needed that weekend. She needed it to re energize and to feel normal again. I can't wait for the next one, and I hope we can catch up m0re now that her time is freer. and she is always good fun. My other friend was also there, but she was rather quiet all weekend. Another friend just came for the nights, and she is always good fun, and it was great seeing her back to her old self. I was getting a bit worried about her, and was really happy to see her laughing and enjoying herself.

It was an awesome weekend.

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Chris H said...

LOL You look like a gorgeous fairy chick!


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