Saturday, March 01, 2008

My day thus far

I love Saturdays, they are my favourite day of the week,
even though I have
* brought a big load of washing in,
* hung out another smaller load
* folded and put washing away
* Emptied dishwasher
* Cleaned ceiling fans
* Dusted
* Walked
* Tidied kitchen

Now I can sit and relax for a couple of hours. Oh what lovely luxury knowing a few hours stretch ahead with no commitments or urgency. Billy-Joe has gone to a friend's house, the two younger ones are in on the computer, they will go outside later on. The weather is unseasonally cool again, just wonderful - I love it like this. It's been the best summer ever, very different with loads of rain, but not many days where it's been disgustingly hot. Autumn has arrived and summer hasn't even made am impact. It's been great weather for starting my walking regime, it doesn't matter when I walk, it's just pleasant.

My parents are coming for dinner. They offered to bring pizzas, but being on WW I don't want to waste my points on something like that. I don't mind pizza, don't get me wrong, but I now prefer my own homemade one. We will probably buy a couple for the kids to have a treat and we will have Eye Fillet, chargrilled vegies and a blue cheese sauce. I will make it on light evaporated milk, instead of cream, plus I have a few points up my sleeve for some wine too, so should be a lovely evening.

Looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend.

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