Monday, February 11, 2008

Planning and healing and hurting

I've had a good day today, I was productive too, which is always a good feeling. I didn't need to do any housework which is always nice for a change - well that's if you don't include the washing, cleaning out the linen cupboard, cooking dinner, making pikelets for afternoon tea, emptying the dishwasher and cooking dinner as housework lol.......

In the morning I put together some of the kids' story books and searched and printed off some activities that I could do if I was ever to get called into the special school. I had my name down with them two years ago, even did volunteer days, and never got called in, even though they were happy with me. I need to go back and remind them that I am still interested. I know there are teachers who are going on leave and who are pregnant, so I may have a chance.

At noon I had my physio appointment and I was so glad for it. I am still in quite a lot of pain, even though I know she is helping. I walk out of there feeling so much freer and the pain is's now dinner time and I had to take some Panadol as I am feeling quite sore. She gave me more exercises which I have done, and she also did acupuncture while I was there. Every time I get up to walk, my legs feel really sore, and then it takes a few steps and they don't feel too bad. I hope she fixes me........

Monday afternoon homework is always quite an onerous task. Thankfully Billy-Joe does his with little help from me, but the other two needs loads of help. Mickey needs assistance with reading, Sammy is great there, his reading is fantastic. Actually he has no problem completing his homework at all, it's just like pulling hen's teeth, as his concentration levels are kaput........ We always get there in the end though....thank goodness. They are all very responsible and love to do all their homework in one afternoon instead of spreading it out over the whole week. This means we only read on the other afternoons, but I know it's all done.....

Dinner is really easy, Billy-Joe is at scouts and we are having Honey and Mustard Chicken Tonight, I can't help myself though I had to add more salt, garlic, more seeded mustard and I added some corn too. I hate plain food, in hindsight I should have made the green curry which was my other option for tonight. I just didn't want to be in the kitchen all afternoon. Bunny has take Billy-Joe to scouts and will be home shortly.

It's Valentines Day on Thursday, always a special day for us. Unfortunately my financial status deems that I can't buy anything......... I may just end up getting a nice bottle of wine I think.

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Chris H said...

Honey mustard chicken! man that sounds devine! Why is Valentines Day so special to you? We dont even celebrate it usually!


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