Monday, February 04, 2008

Been Hurting Too Long

It's hard to believe that one can actually become blasé about pain much so that it becomes such a natural part of your life that you actually have work arounds, or management strategies for almost everything you do. I haven't been to the gym for ages, nor have I been dancing for ages either. There are several contributing factors, the main one, no expendable income at the moment, not wanting to go out of an evening and disrupting the whole family evening meal thing for the sake of my enjoyment, and the bottom line is I hurt too much to do either gym or dancing. I have had problems with my arms, since my last child was a baby. For a long time, when dh was home more, he did the vacuuming. I would only do it on rare occasions. I have been doing it again now for a long time, and my arms are just not coping anymore. I have dh come home to help me carry the groceries inside. When I need milk, I never buy 3L anymore because I can't carry it, not because it's heavy, but because I am in so much pain by the time I get the milk home (because of the weight, if that statement makes sense), it's not worth it. Everything I do hurts, lifting the frypan, lifting the pan full of cooking rice, even my handbag is hard to pick up..........and all that stuff should be easy. I also needed to get my legs looked at. I have to do several hip flexor exercises, sometimes even before I can go to sleep because the pain is so great. I walk a little, and every step hurts...... So today I but the bullet and decided to make an appointment.

The physio was great. My back was out, lower and upper and this was transferring pain to my arms and legs, and as the left side was worse than the right, that's why I had more pain in my left arm and my left leg. Pity the whole thing costs so much, but what cost is health? I will make sure I don't take so long to go next time.

I slept in the afternoon, the treatment took a bit out of me, and I thought I'd just lie down........and slept. And had a great night's sleep too.

I never did post this yesterday, so will just continue on today.

I woke up today, to yet another wet day. We have had a phenomenal amount of rain this summer, actually it's no summer at all, but I really don't mind. I hate it when it's stinking hot. It's a nice change and the garden just looks divine. I took a couple of panadol this morning as I felt a bit bruised, but my leg isn't twinging with every step I make, which is fantastic. I go back on Thursday, so will see how I progress. She said my arms will take a lot longer to heal, as it's kind of tricky resting two arms. She said one option was to put my worst arm in a sling, but I will just be a good girl and get Billy-Joe to help me out with heavy pans etc.

It's Shrove Tuesday today, and much to Mickey's delight, I went into school and helped cook pancakes. Can you believe it's only the second time I have ever gone to help at the school, and I actually enjoyed it. I do like being in the classroom, and it was nice being there as a Mum, although the Teacher did come out and got busy organizing and teaching as we went along, I can't help myself.

The highlight of my morning, though, was as I was leaving, Billy-Joe was in the office: he saw me and came running out and we chatted and walked together back to his classroom. You can imagine my absolute delight, when he leant forward and gave me a hug and a kiss goodbye...... He had a classmate with him, and yet, he was the same, loving and thoughtful boy - as always. I love you Billy-Joe.

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Tina said...

Jenny, I am sorry to hear you have been in so much pain. You are naughty for not going to the physio earlier.

Your boys are adorable. Nice to see such loving photos.


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