Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Back to School, but not for me yet.

My kidlets went back to school last week, and are having a great time. Billy-Joe has entered year 7 with a great attitude - I am so very proud of him. Sammy was reluctant but is very happy now, and Mickey is just permanently happy and seeks delight in all things.

I am about to head out to see a JP and get my copied university degree certified, so I can put in my application to do supply teaching with Catholic Education. I have put this off for quite a while, and have decided that working at the kids' school would be fantastic. I would love to work in an education system which is faith based, plus I love the ethos of a small school, and working in my kids' school in particular would solve some child care issues. I am also planning on driving out to Cooroy and introducing myself there. I want to drive down and see how long it takes, I always make a recognizance mission before I decide whether or not I want to work there. I have worked there before, but it's about 14 years ago, when I was the Vacantaion Care and After School Care Coordinator. The road is different now, but it's still a fair distance.

Dinner tonight is Roast Pork, with Crunchy (as the kids call it). Should be yummy. I have to go and get some sweet potatoe and some normal potatoes. I will roast some pumpkin, onions and carrots.......mmmmmmm.

You still hold your brothers' hands, this will be the last year that you do this. I always so proud, every single morning as I watch you all walk up to the school steps together. It makes my heart sing.

My three beautiful boys, all in Billy-Joe's classroom.


Chris H said...

Isn't it lovely to see them go off to school with a smile on their faces! Good luck with getting a new job.

Yummy Mummy said...

Great, cute, photo.. but what it with the socks??? Is that cool again to wear them pulled up???
Hope your pain is under control!


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