Monday, June 18, 2007

Oh Mickey

The long weekend started really well. I got up latish, and then decided to go out and buy the tiles and slate for our new kitchen. Billy-Joe came with me, I had to do the groceries too.

My alarm bells started ringing about 35 minutes after I left. I rang Peter from the tile shop and he didn't answer the home phone or his mobile. I thought maybe, he'd gone to the hardware store. a girlfriend rang me about 1 1/2 hours later and said she'd rung at home and it rang out. I was quite worried by this stage. I got home, ran inside and no note to be found. The back sliding door was open!! I went around the house looking for blood. CSI would have been proud of me. I went across the road and asked a neighbour if she'd seen Peter leave in a hurry, she said she hadn't noticed.

Just then Peter arrive home. He had been in casualty with Mickey, who had shot himself in the foot with the nail gun. He was given antibiotics after the nail was removed and the shoe was cut off. He was apparently very brave, and did the whole thing with happy gas. About an hour later, the hospital rang and they wanted Mickey brought back to the hospital to stay and to have surgery to have the wound debrided. So I took him up - waited until he was comfortable and asleep and I left. I was still unshowered and hadn't eaten. I dropped in to see the girls and got home around 10.30pm. At 2.30am I got a phone call, Mickey was unsettled - would I come and stay. I packed up and spent the weekend with my little boy in hospital.

He had surgery on Saturday morning, and was very brave. He didn't even cry until he was coming out of the anaesthetic in recovery. It was then that he wanted to go home. The whole weekend he was so good. He just lay quietly in his bed watching 'Spongebob' cartoons and the odd dvd. We were very happy to come home yesterday afternoon. I slept like a log last night. Sleeping in a crappy bed with a lot going on was surefire way of me not getting much sleep. I just slept in little snatches - so I was very happy to be in my own bed last night.

Today I awoke and felt like crap. So often once the crisis is over, I feel really awful. I feel better now, this evening. I have gone back to enjoying my kitchen. Don't get me wrong, not for one moment over the last couple of days did I count my blessings - especially considering the accident with Mickey could have been horrific, I just needed time to get my 'zing' back. I am planning on waking up with it in full force tomorrow.


Tina said...

Oh Jenny, you poor thing. Nothing worse than seeing our kids in a hospital bed. Poor Mickey. I bet you were frantic when you got home and found no-one there.

I hope he is on the mend now. I guess he will be off school for a while. Or have your school holidays started?

Suzy said...

Oh Jenny! So sorry to hear about your dear little son. I HATE those nail guns. Hope he is soon on the mend. It must have been horrible for you. I know we would rather be hurt ourselves than have our children hurting.


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