Saturday, June 09, 2007


It's so cold here at the moment. I must say I quite like it - it makes a nice change. I had to buy the kids new flanelette sheets for their beds as they said they were cold last night. I am about to hop into the shower to clean it, but will shower myself and get into my jammies. I love snuggling and being cosy in this type of weather. The air is so brisk - we don't have cold here much. When this uploads I will check out my weather pixie to see how cold it is. My southern counterparts will laugh - I know - because it really isn't anywhere near as cold as it is for them. I don't have to wear a coat or have to have an electric blanket - necessities when I lived in Geelong No gloves, scarves or woolen beanies.........except the beanies the kids, have mainly for fun. The kids are outside with track suit pants on and long sleeved t'shirts. They are all barefoot - no sense no feeling lol.......... I have the doors shut, which happens only on really cold days and makes the house feel really weird, I am so used to having everything wide open. I didn't even have my ceiling fan on last night.

I think it's pretty cool from here south, so I hope everyone is keeping snug. I just checked the weather pixie, it says 17 degrees. I always say that anything under 20 degrees is cold. Funny thing is though the poor weather pixie is wearing a midriff top!!!

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Tina said...

LOL Jenny, that's not cold. We went away for the long weekend and it got down to 1 deg at night. Now that's cold!!!

I can't wait for that Qld heat when we come your way in October.


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