Saturday, May 05, 2007


Slack again! When I haven't blogged for a while, I am always surprised at the date of my last post. The time just goes by so increcibly quick.

Winter is creeping in.

You know it's Winter, when, the kids are at school with their gloves, jackets...........................and shorts!!! I arrived at work with slingback sandles, 3/4 pants, singlet top and a cardigan! I am really lucky with where I live. The weather is just glorious at the moment. I love this time of the year. Some of the nights have been quite cool (flanellete pj cool) and the days are just full sunshine and very warm. A few mornings this week have been quite cool around 12 degrees...... Even the 'real' winter here, is so mild. I wear winter garb for about two months. And my work wardrobe comprises of long pants, closed in shoes, (no stockings or socks) long sleeved blouse or top and a jacket for the morning. I don't wear jumpers as they are far too hot. We get alot of the stuff in the shops here, looks great, but would not get worn by me - so I just pat the furry collars in passing and wonder who buys them.

As you can gather I have been working. After a drought, I have worked one day last week and three days this week. I can't wait for the money to come in.......hopefully it will be next week. That's a big problem, you work and then don't get paid for a month - which works quite well at the other end and you are no longer working, at least some money comes through, but not good at this end. The fantastic plastic is looking sick, (credit card) and will be a nil balance again after tax time, but at the moment, I don't even want to use it, because I am only putting on the minimum payments.

Dancing is still going well. There was one dance I just couldn't get and my gf who goes with me, wrote the steps out and I got it! But we haven't done it again for me to try it again! We have started doing the samba which is a fairly easy dance, alot of turns and stuff, so I really have to watch my ankle. I got to the gym only once this week, and I am sore in my arms, chest and legs, so that's good. I do an interval training on the treadmill, walk brisk for 3 mins and then a slow jog for 3 mins. It gets the heart rate up. I can't just walk and increase the incline, because my achilles and calf muscle doesn't like it....... sound like a decrepit old thing don't I? I do all this because I don't want to be a decrepit old thing, who can't move, and aches at every turn. With my problems, that would be an easy route, but I am sure in the long run, I am far better off, staying active. I am not an old lady yet!!

Renos are going sloooooowwwwwwllllly...................I do have some updated photos, but I will put them in the the kitchen blog

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