Wednesday, May 09, 2007

If the shoe fits

Dancing last night was fantastic. Gosh I love much. My shoes were actually comfortable last night, it's the third time I have worn them, so I was really pleased. I didn't even wear them with the blister preventing bandaid. The first week I wore them I had the worst blister I have ever had, on the outside of my big toe. Last night, it actually felt uncomfortable when I slipped my foot back into my 'day shoes'. I was quite surprised that I had been that comfortable, especially as they are 2.5 inch heels.

Last night when I was lying in bed, I was thinking about shoes, dancing shoes in particular. I have wanted to dance ever since I was a kid. I wanted to do ballet so bad it hurt. I read every ballet novel in the high school library. A good friend of my parents' owned a ballet studio. My brother and I were allowed to go to the dress rehearsals. I was in fairy land......... I can still remember the sound of the shoes on the stage floor. The swooshing of the satin on the boards and the thud of the wood from the point shoes. I can't explain it but I love that noise. I can still recreate it in my head, and it's been over 30 years since I have heard that noise. Can you imagine my delight, when I started ballroom dancing and there is a new shoe noise........... I was so excited.... The suede on the base of the shoes combined with the heels makes it's own unique noise, which I find I like. I don't only want my dance shoes to dance, I want them to sing!

At dancing last night, I found I was concentrating more on technique rather than the
steps which is a great development. Now I can concentrate on looking like I know what I am doing. The good thing is you get to dance with lots of different people. You only spend about a maximum of 5-8mins with the same dancer, and it's usually alot less when the dance is commenced and it's progressive. I find I am dancing with men who spend the whole time looking down at their (and my) feet. How do I tell them, not to look down, you actually concentrate in your head, not by looking at your feet. Your feet do what your head tells it to do. If you look at anyone's feet, look at someone who knows what they are doing, and then try to copy it. I guess my years of aerobic dance experience has given me the confidence to follow auditory cues and to also have faith that the dance is in my head. I can see myself doing this for many, many years, and, who knows where it will lead.

Pain Management
Instead of making another post, I thought I would just change tack with a heading. It's been an interesting journey using the Joint Factors 4500 (fondly known as crushed crab shells). I have found that I can't miss a day as I feel like something a truck has crashed into. I don't get the coverage like I did with anti inflammatory medication, which is to be expected, but nonetheless was a rude shock, as I really had no idea what my pain levels were without the medication. Truth is, I would be a wreck without some kind of help. I can go to the gym, I can jog lightly, I can dance..........and without the CCS I would be in alot of pain, and unable to do all those things. I have also discovered though that mornings are not real good. So I have started taking two panadol when I awaken and then by the time I get out of bed, I feel really good. Problem solved, and I feel fabulous when I get out of bed. My last GP always said she would rather me take panadol four hourly than NSAIDs on a permanent basis............okay to say when you are not the one in pain. I am happy though to take two a day..........and to use the CCS to give me the other coverage I need, so I can enjoy being active.

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Suzy said...

It is great that you love dancing so much. Such a wonderful non-boring way of exercising!
My DH is having great success with Glucosamine for his knee (he runs) and I see that your Joint formula is Glucosamine. Must be good stuff. Much better for you than NSAID's. Hope you continue to improve.


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