Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Not happy Jan!!!

I am totally peeved..........no I am pissed off! And it's at myself. I did my ankle several weeks ago, and it's been slowly getting better. I was really lucky, in that I was able to get around okay, and I didn't really reduce my exercise. Mind you, when I did my calf muscle, they banned me from aerobics............... I have never been banned from anything, and then I am banned from one of my favourite activities........... Anyway I was recommended to do gym workouts with a rehab component to strengthen the ligaments. So today I organized that..........and did some creative accounting so I could afford to do it. I will enjoy the gym, but I loved the aerobics. I will miss Pump and yoga the most. Anyway I went over my ankle this afternoon outside Lanhams. One of the kids hadn't shut their door properly, and, because of the child safety lock, I had to get out of the car and open it to shut it properly. When I walked back to the car (peeved because I'd had to get out in the first place) I rolled my ankle on a slightly uneven bit of bitumen. I felt ill! It was that painful, that I couldn't even talk and the kids were asking me what the matter was. I have iced it, taken pain medication, but dancing tonight is out of the question. I tried my dance shoes on three times, and I can hardly stand straight in them, let alone dance.......................

Anyway, it's dinner time now, will maybe post a more positive post afterwards. It's a big episode of Biggest Loser tonight, so will be good. I can't believe it's nearly finished and then "Big Brother" starts.

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