Friday, April 20, 2007

It's Friday

Here is my kitchen.........okay maybe I am being a little premature here....... I was so excited when the truck pulled up with all these bits. I hope the guys know what they are doing. Hopefully the old floor will be pulled up and replaced with the new floor on the Anzac Day holiday. I hope they can do it quickly and without lots of problems. I know these things never go to schedule/plan but I can live in hope hey......

I couldn't wear these on Tuesday. (Gosh I wish there was an easy way to put the images where you want them, instead of where blogger puts them............) So if you are still with me........ I had to go to the dr for a checkup yesterday and I thought while I was there I would get my ankle looked at. Can you imagine my fright when he said, "I think we should get it x-rayed, you may have broken it." In my head I was saying "Ahhh, you don't understand, I cannot have a broken ankle. I am a mother of three young children, I am taxi, I work, I work out, I DANCE!!! So you see I cannot be that badly injured." The polite me, said "Oh!" So I went and had the x-ray, had a coffee and a whinge at Daisy's, felt better, went and got kidlets, took said kidlets to footy training, went back to radiology to collect images, went back to doctor, (with Mickey), read the results on the way and saw it wasn't broken, phew!! Waiting at the dr. and then had heat and ultrasound on it. I bought a compression ankle thingy at the chemist today which I will wear when I am dancing. I had treatment today and will go back on Monday. My new gym program is good. Luke has me doing alot of strengthening exercises. Standing on one leg with my eyes shut, and that's on a disc on top of a flat ball which wobbles everywhere. I can do it, so that's good. I hope to strengthen up the ankle, so I can go back to aerobics one day. (I didn't tell the doctor I dance - methinks he would't be too impressed. The thing is, it doesn't hurt when I dance, as long as I don't go over it again, like I did on Tuesday, but I can do that easily on flat ground in flat shoes.........

Scrapbooking tonight. I love it! It's a fabulous night, I always hate it when it ends, at around 1am!!!

As I mentioned before I have a new gym program. I haven't had a full workout yet, have just spent two sessions going through the new program with Luke the new trainer. I am so sore today. Everytime I sit down or get up, I do it very gingerly. Heaven only knows how sore I would be if I hadn't been doing anything of late. I am looking forward to this, I love lifting weights and getting stronger. The cardio component is okay too, I do bike and treadmill. I prefer the walking to the bike.

Will see if I can fix these images on this post.....

I have started a new blog, just to document our renovations. That way it keeps everything in the one place.

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Tina said...

I know exactly what you mean about not getting the photos where you want them. The same thing happens on my blog.

Thanks for all your support lately (and always) Things are much improved in my world.

I'm glad to hear the ankle isn't broken and you are getting treatment. I'm sure you are on the mend now. And don't you go damaging it again!!!!!!!


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