Monday, March 26, 2007

Recent layouts

These were taken on Sammy's birthday. We took him down in the backyard and Opa brought the bike down the side of the stairs while Billy-Joe covered his eyes. It was a delight watching his response.

Mickey's first day of school. I also journalled about Billy-Joe and how he takes care of his younger brothers. I am so proud of these kids.....

I took this photo on Sammy's 7th birthday and the layout says '7 things i love about you'


Photos of the houses where I lived when I was a child growing up in Geelong. This was the first time I had seen these houses in 16 years.

Some Christmas Eve snapshots.

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Tina said...

Jenny, you are so clever. I love all your photos and layouts. I wish I was creative.

I hope you are still coping with cutting back on your medication. Sounds as if things are going ok.

I can relate to your feelings about the tooth fairy, easter bunny and father christmas. It truly is such a magical time in our lives and I am hoping my 10 year old believes as long as possible.


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