Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Heritage

I am an Australian...............through and through........or so I thought, once upon a time. My parents are German and Austrian, and that has put a huge inprint on me. Every Christmas, my specialties, which I love to bake, are Austrian. Mind you I make a pretty mean fruit cake, which surpasses every fruitcake I have ever tasted, even if I say so myself - that's my Australian component of my Christmas cuisine.

Every Thursday, (when it's on) I watch "Inspector Rex". It's not the fact that it's an excellent show that I watch it, it's because it's in Austrian. Austrians speak German but it's as different as Australian English to English English! I hear the program come on and it gives me goosebumps. It takes me back to all the years that I spoke the language at home. German is my first language! I spoke only German until I went to school, and I still always had to speak it at home. It's funny, but I can come across someone in the supermarket talking to their friend/partner in German and I want to respond in German, especially if they are asking a question about something and I think I could help........bizarre, because I would never be so rude as to actually butt in. But the whole 'German' thing is so strong and so close to my heart. Even my dh pricks up his ears at the language and feels a closeness to it, which I find really sweet........

I am a proud Australian, with extrememly proud German and Austrian roots..........


Suzy said...

Oh, we love Inspector Rex. We have to read the sub-titles though! Great that it brings back memories for you.
I LOVE your scrapbooking! I have only dabbled a bit, but I really enjoyed it. It makes photos so much more interesting.

Jail Byrde said...

Mein Yiddish ist nicht gut, but I think we might be able to share an inside joke sometime!


Els said...

Hi Jenny
Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and commenting. It means so much to know that others go through the same sort of stuff and learn to manage it like I am trying to do. I will hang in there and I know things will get better. Els


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