Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy Thursday

I've had two nights on half dose of my medication and I am doing great. I feel a bit headachey in the afternoons, but have surprisingly been sleeping quite well. I have been waking up alot, but my ipod is my saving grace, and I turn it on and just drop back off to sleep. I wake up rested, which is great.

I have still been going to the gym even with my foot, I have been modifying what I do...........(I know some think I have gone back far too early..........even dh wonders why I am not sitting around resting.........duhhhh..........imagine that!!!) Anyway, I think the strain of favouring the other foot, was too much for my left leg, and I pulled a calf muscle in my left leg. It's very painful. It's pulling me up more than the sprained ankle did, as far as putting weight on my leg and being able to walk. I have an appointment with my masseuse tomorrow, who will hopefully work her magic. I can't stop the exercising, I feel like I am finally seeing a benefit as far as muscle development goes, and I don't want to halt that. I lose condition really quickly, when I stop.

Today I was at a seminar all day. It was run by Literacy Solutions. I asked my school where I do most of my work whether they would pay for me to attend, thinking that as I was 'only' a relief teacher, they would probably not. I was pleasantly surprised, especially as the principal is new and doesn't know me..........I had to put in a formal application, and when it was approved I was very pleased. It was at the RSL club and we got lunch and morning tea. The foot wasn't crash hot, but still nice to be out. The content was presented well, and I felt like I learnt something. It makes me wish that I had my own class. Maybe I need to research whether or not me having a permanent position would ever be possible......... I have never done country service, so a permanent position in this part of the state is something I have been told I would never have! Food for thought anyway......

Thanks Michelle, Tina, and Suzy for your comments and support. It's much appreciated, and Michelle, if you are willing to give me advice, that's take the time to read, and I respect the fact that you take the time to reply and comment......and you are right drinking lots of water, can make a difference, so I have been working on increasing that again. I get drink, drink, drink, and spend half your time, (and night) having to I get lazy and don't drink enough, so the reminder was timely.


Suzy said...

You are brave going to the gym with your injured foot. Hope you can soon do everything you want to do.
The seminar sounds like it was worthwhile. Hope you get your wish of a class of your own.

Jail Byrde said...

I'm sure you've been married longer than I have, but I know one thing... If DH is wondering why you aren't relaxing, you REALLY SHOULD BE sitting on your duff with a bell next to you for an iced beverage of your choice.

Good on ya for the effort. Bad on ya for not going with one of "God's little gifts" :D!

Have a wonderful weekend!
xo Michelle


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