Thursday, October 05, 2006


I was not impressed, last night I wrote a long post all about my holidays, and they have disappeared................... I even went searching for a new blog hosting website, because I thought this just wasn't good enough. But I couldn't find another one that I liked the set up of. So I am here again. In the future I will save my post onto a Word document, so if it disappears, I can reload it without retyping it.

We went away last week, and it was fabulous. We stayed in a holiday unit in Caloundra, right on the water. The highlights of the week were many, so I will write in dot point format.
* Money wasn't tight, so we ate out lots..............including Fish and chips, KFC, Chinese restaurant, Pizza from a restaurant, lunch at Pelican Waters Tavern, and a yummy dinner at an Italian Restaurant. It was great being able to take the kids out to a restaurant, and I was so proud of how they behaved..........
* Boat cruise from our jetty to Pelican Waters Tavern for lunch
* Unit had a huge bath
* Unit had a private jetty, so the kids and Bunny fished every afternoon
* We had our surf ski and paddled around Golden Beach, had a ball.
* I read lots of books, three I think
* Took my scrapbooking stuff, and did none.........

I am going out to lunch now............will come back later and continue this post.

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