Saturday, October 07, 2006

Good friends, good times, good fun.

Every single day I remind myself to count my blessings. I am amazed and humbled by the number of blessings that I have.

I have a group of amazing women, who I am so proud to know. And what's even better, is that they are my dearest friends.

One of them I visited during the week. I spent all Wednesday with her. We chatted, and fiddled around with her poor, dying computer. We just sat and talked, while the kids played.........the hours went by in great company. A lovely way to spend a day. On the day before I had the opportunity to do a class run by Sue. She is a wonderful girl who works at Daisy's and does the most amazing work. It's pretty special being considered a friend, and sitting in on one of her classes. She is truly talented and such a sweet girl as well............I have so much to learn from her.

Last night, I looked after the store for Barbi. She spent the afternoon and evening with her family as it was Holly's 13th birthday. She had a great afternoon, and I was waiting at the shop at 11.30 pm with a cuppa to hear all about her day. We chatted until 1.30am..............the time just flew. I turned my nightlight out at 2.30a.m!!!!! I have attached a photo above to show where I spend every Friday night. This is taken at Daisy Chain Scrapbooks, the best scrapbooking shop in the country!

Today Kerrie came around to drink a pot of coffee and pick my brains about all the things I love doing on the computer. Kerrie left with a sheet of notes, and a newly created blog. She left me with a real comfortable sense of feeling totally relaxed, you know that really warm fuzzy feeling you get from spending time with someone wonderful. She is my mentor. She is what I will be in about 8 years time. Her kids are older than mine and she runs her family like I run mine...........I love her to bits! She is proud, confident, organized, clever, articulate and has a heart of absolute pure gold! When we met, we hit it off straight away, and we only saw one another every month, or so, sometimes a couple of months went by. We never had contact details or anything, as we knew we would catch up at scrapbooking. Then when I was banned from attending CM workshops, Kerrie continued to attend, until she found out I had been banned!! Fortunately I knew a mutual acquaintance who was able to put us in touch with one another! Thank goodness, as now she no longer patronizes anything to do with CM and she regularly comes with me on a Friday night!!!!

Thank you to my precious girlfriends................

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